Heliogabalus - The Hill


The Hill

In the posh area of town, the Hill, the streets are all brick, and the neighborhood is broken up into numerous small walled estates. These estates belong to many of the most powerful persons in town – including the Torros but not the Rees.


Population: 4,546 residents. There is less of a demographic mix on the Hill, most residents are old Damaran blood.


The Moneychangers’ Guild and the Goldsmiths’ Guild work tirelessly to keep The Hill relatively crime free. Each of the guilds have a staff assigned to the Hill’s administrative office, and unlike other districts, the guilds pay close attention to everything. The other voice in the Hill’s politics are the noble and wealthy families which call the Hill home led by the Torros family. The Torros family has not had good dealings with the Ree’s and act as one of the strongest opponents to the Ree’s plots and schemes.

District Guard

Captain Sergei Dorin leads the city watch on the Hill. A hero of the Witch-King’s war, he led an attack that diverted one of Zhengyi’s orcish hordes away from Heliogabalus. Sergei was outspoken when Baron Ree moved his seat of power from Morovar to Heliogabalus, but is popular enough that moving against him would damage the Baron. The fact that the city’s guard answers to the guilds and not directly to the Baron also gives Captain Dorin another layer of protection. Between Captain Dorin, the guilds and the Torros family, the Hill is one of the few places in Heliogabalus where the Ree family is not welcome.

Main Industries

The two major guilds on The Hill are the Moneychangers’ Guild and the Goldsmiths’ Guild. The main industry of the Hill can be summarized as the movement of wealth.

Important People

  • Alain Always, male Elfmarked bard (District Councilman);
  • Jaida Aldane is the Knight Commander of the Sanctum of the Stainless Soul.
  • Captain Sergei Dorin leads the city watch on the Hill.
  • Bor Dralfo, male human paladin of Waukeen (leader of the Brotherhood of Waukeen);
  • Jembar Duskyshankle, male gnome jeweler (District Councilman);
  • Engleton Embrey, male dwarf weaponsmith (District Councilman);
  • Jostlin Ferqyr, female human cleric of Waukeen (District Councilwoman, Keeper of the Vault of Waukeen)
  • Hans the Northman, male human carpenter (District Councilman);
  • Lysarin is a mysterious and somewhat reclusive mage who lives in a tower in the Villas
  • Ralston Tarr, owner of the Patrician’s Club knows everyone in the district and has contacts with nobles and the wealthy and powerful well beyond the Hill
  • Talasek Thraydin is first among equals in the paladin order of the Golden Cup.
  • Aleksander Torros is the head of the Torros family, one of the few powerful families openly opposed to the Rees
  • Virtuoso Arnam Veline is the High Priest of Milil who runs the House of Flowing Notes in Silverheart
  • Eleena Woodsong, female elf cleric of Sune (High Priestess of the Eternal Rose)
  • Grand Alchemist Aarnock Xanthiss,male alchemist/druid (District Councilman);
  • Zharep Apul, male human paladin/fighter (former Captain of the District Watch).

The list above is only a short list of individuals who have a greater effect on the district, as the district of the wealthy and powerful, everyone encountered on The Hill should be considered an “important person”. More than likely, they are in some manner.

The following people are wealthy residents who sometimes come into contact with travelers:

  • Endrik Archerus (wealthy artist)
  • Asheron Coyl (art collector, sometime patron of adventuring bands)
  • Eleazonna Gertwright (patron of the arts, close friends with Coyl)
  • Imron Gauthfellow (retired wizard, washed-up and retired artist)
  • Belfor Vittanis (wealthy lesser noble, best known for his parties)



H1. The Hill Watch Station
H2. The Hill Administrative Office
H3. The Hill Revenue Office
H4. The Hill Court House
H5. Sanctum of the Stainless Soul (Temple of the Triad)
H6. Order of the Golden Cup
H7. Hillside Inn and Restaurant
H8. The Stronghold Inn
H9. Champion’s Table (restaurant)
H10. Long Shadow Tavern
H11. Embry’s Capital Armory (weapons and armor)
H12. Sergei’s House
H44. The Northman’s Woodworks Galleria
H45. Northside Gallery
H55. Coalition of Artisans

Hillside Villas

Flower Street Market
Ivy District Park (Hedge Maze and Topiary Menagerie)
Ivy Hill
Smith’s Grove
H13. Patrician’s Club
H14. Ivy Play House
H15. Torros Manor
H16. Dragos’ Manor
H17. Lord Dimitrios’ House
H18. Lysarin the Evoker
H19. Estate of Belfor Vitannis (20 Peacock Court)
H20. Estate of Duchess Samara
H21. Estate of Countess Kronia
H22. Estate of Duke Danius
H23. Ximmik Manor
H46. Coyl Manor (11 Vermillion Way)
H47. Gertwright Residence (11 Burgundy Wine Terrace)
H48. Archerus Residence (3 Blue Sapphire Avenue)
H49. Gauthfellow Manor (10 Sandalwood Lane)
H56. Perfumers Conglomerate
H57. Shreeve’s Potion Shop


H24. Goldsmiths’ Guildhall
H25. Vault of Waukeen (Temple and Bank of Damara)
H26. Golden Serpent (inn and restaurant)
H27. The Golden Sceptre Tavern
H28. House of Mazes
H29. The Perfume Room (Bathhouse and Spa)
H50. Brotherhood of Waukeen
H51. It Sparkles!


H30. Moneychangers’ Guildhall
H31. House of Flowing Notes (Church of Milil)
H32. Oak and Rose Inn
H33. Highreach Tavern
H34. The Dragon’s Wind (Tavern)
H35. Hill Market
H36. Crimson Noblius’ grocery
H37. Royal Opera House
H38. House of Akatrina the Painter
H52. Street Performers and Actors Guild


H39. The Eternal Rose (Shrine of Sune)
H40. Nymph and Satyr Inn
H41. Eagle’s House (Tavern)
H42. Parkview Gallery
H43. Kessell the Sage
H53. Arcane Exchange (magic shoppe)
H54. Jehanna the Fortune Teller


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