Alcohol and Sundries

Below are some of the many substances found in the Bloodstone Lands.

Blackcorn Whiskey

Value: 8 gold per bottle
A dry alcohol with a flavor similar to plums, the whiskey is a favorite of many southern cities. Due to the heavy alcohol content, it is often mixed with juices. A more potent version of the brew is often distilled by dwarves, however, such a process takes considerably longer, and is worth 30 gold per bottle.

Butterspice Weed (Inhaled)

Value: 75 gold per pound of leaves
Curing the leaves of the butterspice plant causes them to become brown and crumbly, and often sought after for smoking.

Upon smoking spice weed, a wave of euphoria slowly washes over the smoker, lasting for 2d6+10 minutes. During that time, the smoker suffers a -2 penalty to Dexterity saving throws. Halflings are affected for double the duration.

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Alcohol and Sundries

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