Barony of Polten

Ruling House: BelMaris
Present Baron: Donlevy the Young, 20th Baron of Polten
Family Crest: The Open Palm
Capital: Trailsend (8,000)

Completing the river-valley triangle of south-central provinces is Polten, sited across Lake Mogadore from Ostel. Its capital, Trailsend, is the sister city of Praka, though few polite words have been exchanged between the two since the Bloodstone Wars.

Like Carmathan, Polten retains strong ties with Impiltur. Trailsend was once the final stopover for caravans heading to Damara’s southern neighbor, and the first stop for Impilturian caravans coming north.

Baron Donlevy the Old was a wise man, beloved in the province before Zhengyi’s rise. When the Witch-King’s war was joined, the baron understood what it would mean to be defeated by so wicked an enemy. He sent his infant son into hiding. In Tellerth, the young heir Donlevy lived disguised as a farmer’s boy. Official word said only that Donlevy the Young had been taken ill and died and a state funeral was even held.

After Zhengyi won the first battle at Goliad, Donlevy the Old’s fears were realized. All of House BelMaris was slaughtered and Zorth, a pretend cousin, took the seat as Baron of Polten. The impostor wholeheartedly supported Dimian Ree and Sylvia against Bloodstone.

Zorth fell from power when the alliance failed to defeat Gareth’s forces.

Polten had supplied half of the troops who fought, specifically the contingent of 1,000 who were ambushed in Sleepy Wood. The survivors returned to Polten telling their kin of mercy and great courage of the new rulers in the north—quite a different tale than was heard out of the capital. Many were angered by Zorth’s refusal to join Gareth and stand up to the Witch-King. Most of the soldiers gathered their families and left Polten soon after the war.

Still only a boy of 14, Donlevy made his return from Tellerth at this time. To save his own hide, Zorth quickly stepped aside for the rightful heir. However, the youth’s Tellerth counselors did not understand the situation in the capital, so Zorth remained as an advisor, as did many of his cohorts. Those faithful to Donlevy recognize the peril, but Zorth has placed himself close to Donlevy. So far, he has deflected all warnings to the new baron. Therefore, Polten remains loyal to Dimian Ree and the throne in Heliogabalus. It is widely believed, however, that if the new baron understood the situation, he would throw his allegiance to Gareth.

The barony’s best hope seems to lie in the efforts of the Twilight Riders, and swaying Polten is the group’s chief goal. Myrrdin seeks to win people’s hearts, and to do so, he has led the Twilight Riders all the way to the eastern border, to Tellerth. From there, the group will make its way back across the land, hopefully raising a tide of support behind them.

Additionally, the Twilight Riders have placed an agent inside the castle to keep an eye on Zorth. And if they learn that the former baron plans a coup, they will rush to Donlevy’s side, prepared to crush the enemies of the rightful baron.

Communities of Polten

Trailsend, capital

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Barony of Polten

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