Bloodstone City


Population: 7,500

The seat of the House of Tranth, Bloodstone Village (known Bloodstone City) is more notably the capital of the Duchy of Bloodstone. The city is as rich in heroes as in chalcedony, and undoubtedly the fastest growing power center in the region. Bloodstone City would certainly become the capital of the Kingdom of Bloodstone if Vaasa and Damara are so united.

A high wall surrounds the old Bloodstone Village, but its gates are always open. In the past, the people of Bloodstone Village were either miners or tradesmen, but today the city has a more balanced flavor because of the recent influx of merchants and adventurers.

The city initially sprawled beyond the confines of the old wall, and people are started calling the walled section “Old Village”.

After an explosive growth spurt, King Gareth began construction on a new wall encompassing what became known as the Ring District. The Ring District now consists of North Ring and South Ring.

However, even the Ring District quickly became overpopulated, and even as the new wall was completed, the city grew beyond the Ring Wall. Three more sections of the city were added to the east of the Ring Districts, New Bloodstone, the Gardens (home to the city elite) and The Garrison District.

All the goodly races are welcome here. More than 6,000 of the citizens are human, but halflings and dwarves abound. Even the half-orcs from Palishchuk appear with increasing frequency.

City Districts

Old Village
North Ring
South Ring
New Bloodstone
The Gardens

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Bloodstone City

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