Breaking the Fourth Wall

House Rules

The following House Rules are in effect for the Bloodstone Lands Campaign

Generating Characters

Characters will be generated using the standard point-buy system in the PHB

Hit Points

At each level, players may choose to take half-hit points (rounded up) or roll for hit points.

When a player chooses to roll for hit points, they roll their hit dice for that level. They can then take their first roll or choose to reroll the dice, but they must take the results of the second roll, even if it is lower.

Players may reroll any result of a “1”, this does not count as a roll or reroll.

Character Information

When creating a character, I would like you to think of the following things, some crunch, but others fluff.

  • Name. When choosing a name, no modern or joke names, or movie/tv character references.
  • Race and Class
  • Background – tie this into your character’s story
  • Where are you from? Be specific, not just Damara, but a hometown, province, etc.
  • Family and friends, or lack thereof
  • Do you know any of the other player characters? How do you know them? If several PCs use the soldier background, you may be from the same unit.
  • Who is your patron deity
  • Why did you choose to adventure?
  • Each character may start as a member of an organization, but it’s not required. How and when did you join?

Character Death

In case of a character death, the player may roll up a new character, who starts one level below their previous character. The new character’s experience total is set at the midpoint of that level. New characters must be fundamentally different from the previous character, NO Bob the Barbarian the Third.

Experience Points

The DM keeps track of experience points and will let the players know when their character gains a level.

Downtime System

The campaign uses the downtime system from the Rulebooks, supplemented by the Pathfinder system for building and generating rooms, teams, buildings and organizations. Other Downtime Actions from the Pathfinder System (from Ultimate Campaigns) are also used.

Rituals and Incantations

The Campaign uses a modified Ritual System, based on 3E and Pathfinder Incantations, with some inspiration from 4E. These “True Rituals” are often expensive and time consuming and have the chance of not working at all or backfiring, but far exceed what can be accomplished with spells.

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Breaking the Fourth Wall

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