Chicane Guild

The Chicane Guild is a large merchant’s guild which moves spices across eastern Faerun. The guild has branches in Damara, Thesk, [[Impiltur], Raven’s Bluff and Sembia, with some caravan traffic heading into Cormyr and the Dalelands.

The guild is owned and operated by hin (halflings), and actually got its start in Damara, selling hin pipeweed grown in the Halfling Downs to the citizens of Heliogabalus.

In Heliogabalus, the hin families began using their new-found wealth to market their product to the south in Impiltur. While in Impiltur, the enterprising hin caught wind of the trade opportunities available in Thesk, selling Kara-tur spices to Faerun. Making their way to Thesk, they began exchanging hin pipeweed for Kara-tur spices, which they in-turned sold at outrageous profits back in Damara and Impiltur.

Soon the families began seeking larger and larger markets, using their wealth, they have expanded to the city of Raven’s Bluff in the Vast and even now have a presence in Sembia.

The guildmasters in Sembia now seek to expand their territory by moving Chicane Spice Caravans across Sembia and into Cormyr and the Dalelands.

For all of their growth, the base of the Chicane Guild is back in Heliogabalus, and the true guildmaster is a bespectacled hin woman named Vintra Marktunsel.

The Marktunsel clan is one of the original clans, and it was Vintra’s grandfather who first moved to Heliogabalus all those years ago. The clans are still close, and although competitive, they work together for the good of the guild. Vintra has proven to be a very capable guildmistress, even for the remote operations.

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Chicane Guild

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