Citadel of Assassins

The Citadel of Assassins has been part of the Bloodstone Lands for as long as they have existed. Soon after Feldrin Bloodfeathers established himself as King of Damara, scheming nobles, wealthy merchants and the wealth of Bloodstone flowing out of the mines created a perfect situation for the development of the guild.

The original assassin was said to be an elderly gentleman from Kara-tur who is said to have escaped to Faerun and settled in the Bloodstone Lands due to an extremely high price on his head. He began taking jobs, but due to his age, he began training two others to take his place. The two youths called him Grandfather and became accomplished assassins themselves.

Soon Grandfather let his “grandsons” taking contracts as he stayed home (some say Heliogabalus) and sought out and initiated newer members, who he then turned over to his grandsons for training and missions.

When Grandfather was nearing death, he called to his sons to meet him at a remote hideaway in the Galena Mountains. This large base, carved into the mountainside, shocked the grown grandsons, who were unaware that their Grandfather financed and built such a base. When they entered, they heard their Grandfather taunting them. “Only one of you may succeed me, whoever kills me first takes my place.”


Members of the Citadel of Assassins each have a magical emerald serpent tattoo somewhere on their body. The tattoo is readily visible when the member wishes it to be seen, but will turn invisible and move around the body when discretion is needed. In addition, the tattoos of senior members are known to be able to bite their host, delivering a powerful toxin that kills the assassin.


The Citadel generally recruits young, often gaining their members from the orphans and urchins of Heliogabalus and other larger towns and cities. They seek the disillusioned and the hard-hearted. The Citadel is not interested in heroes, they are paid to do a job, and that job is to kill on command. Those of a goodly nature, and those who have a hard time following directions are not welcome.

Those applying for membership in the Citadel are usually followed, shadowed and tested for weeks if not months before an invitation is made. Stealthy and martial characters tend to do better than others.


The Citadel provides safety from persecution, lucrative contracts and other odd jobs. The organization has steady suppliers of poisons and other black market items, and provides training unavailable elsewhere (such as poison-crafting).


Members earn renown by successfully fulfilling contracts and other missions for the Citadel. Members who successfully defend the Citadel and its secrets also earn renown. Members don’t lose renown, if a member does something that may expose the guild to its enemies, they become the next contract.

Structure and Headquarters

The Assassins Guild of the Galenas, also called the Citadel of Assassins, is an assassins guild based in the Galena Mountains in Damara.

The Guild was once loyal to Zhengyi the Witch-King and remains an enemy to the throne of the Bloodstone Lands. The leader of the guild is Timoshenko, Grandfather of Assassins, who quickly consolidated power once the previous Grandfather was slain during the Bloodstone Wars. Timoshenko plays the political face of the organization. His chief lieutenant, the archmage Knellict, is likely considered to be the brains of the operation.

After the fall of Zhengyi, the Citadel was chased from Heliogabalus. They took refuge in a complex of caverns in the mountainside of the Galena Mountains, east of the Vaasan Gate. Suites of rooms reach far back into the mountain, some carved by hired stone masons and miners, many others created by Knellict’s magic. The caves are full of comforts and treasures, inviting aromas and magically lit walkways. Knellict and his wizards created and maintain a series of magical portals to strategic locations within Gareth’s kingdom.

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Citadel of Assassins

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