Cromm's Holdfast

The men (and women) who maintain the Tower and Great Hall that make up the Temple to Tempus in Palischuk



Standing tall and vigilant behind a long stretch of the Lower Quarter’s palisade is Cromm’s Holdfast, the Towers and Fortified Great Hall that is the temple of Tempus in Palischuk
The temple dominates it’s corner of the Lower Quarter… Due to martial activities of the day and feasting of the night it is rare to have quiet in it’s area… Its grounds are littered with training weapons, weights, training benches, running tracts, and sparring rings…

Cromm the Terrible

Cromm the Terrible was a Rageborn Chosen of Tempus who was amongst the founders of Palischuk… He was a true believer in the Rageborn idea of Palischuk and swore his Temple and Hall to the dream of the town… Luckily Tempurian temples are military buildings… Built before the mighty palisade of today… Cromm’s Holdfast was one of the original strong points of Palischuk… Centuries later it still has the feel of Valhalla…

It is a vital part of the town.. Young and old running, jumping, throwing, drilling, and sparring around and behind the Holdfast during the day and sounds of feasting of the different fraternities by nighttime…

The High Steward of Cromm’s Hold has always been a important voice in the leadership of Palischuk… In addition to the prowess the clergy lend to the City’s defense themselves they observe Cromm’s Words… The dogma left behind by Cromm himself… It strongly commits the temple and clergy to the community… It commands the clergy to heal any who are wounded in defense of the city, train the militia, and (Cromm being being an orphan himself) care for the orphans of battle… The last being a great source of new converts to the faith…

The current High Steward is Tygart Varvatos, a male rageborn cleric of Tempus.

The Holdfast’s longest-standing resident is Katrezra, a gnarled, old, rageborn who was raised among the Empty Hand Orc tribe. He has a terrible affliction of the lungs and weeping sores on his face and arms. Katrezra was afflicted with this condition on a holy quest given to him by a jealous orc chieftain. He claims that Tempus himself sends visions of the future, though many write them off as hallucinations or power-grabbing. Tygart has begun privately recording them on the chance that they may point to some important revelation.

The Battle Brothers (and Sisters) have a coach like relationship among the community… The temple organizes clergy, anointed faithful, and social members into groups called Comitass teams that function as warbands, athletic teams, and fraternities with appropriate rituals, ranks, and feastings… In times of peace the sporting between the Comitass provide a fantastic outlet for the Rageborn community… The grounds of the Commons, in the Upper Quarter, frequently rings out with the sounds of (mock)-battle and paeans to Tempus.

Cromm's Holdfast

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