Damaran Law

The King’s Law

Heliogabalus Law, and thus Damaran Law divides crimes into different classes. The judge ruling over the case has a choice of punishments, according to the class of the law involved. While many kingdoms have separate laws on magic use, Damaran Law considers magic as a means of committing a crime. If a mage charms a merchant into giving them something for free, that would be considered theft.

Casting a spell on someone (or someone’s property) without consent (turning the merchant who annoyed you bright pink) is considered a class 2 offense unless the spell warrants a greater crime (determined by the judge).

The King’s Law is as follows, with repeat offenders of these crimes getting stiffer sentences within the fine category or even raised by one category:

The classes of crime in Heliogabalus are:

Class 1

Unarmed Assault (including fists or verbal threats), Theft, Fraud, or Tax Evasion of 10 gp value or less.

Punishment: 1-6 gp fine and/or 1 day in jail.

Class 2

Lesser Armed Assault (use of impromptu weapons, such as brawling), Casting a Spell on someone (or someone’s property) without consent, Theft, Fraud, or Tax Evasion of 11 to 100 gp value.

Punishment: 10-60 gp fine and/or 1-6 weeks in jail.

Class 3

Flight (escape from the authorities), Slander and False Accusation, Theft, Fraud, or Tax Evasion of 101 to 1,000 gp value.

Punishment: 100-600 gp fine and/or 1-6 months in jail.

Class 4

Greater Armed Assault (use of deadly weapons or magic); Endangerment (exposing another to danger through words, action or magic, including inciting a mob to riot), Accidental Murder, Theft, Fraud, or Tax Evasion of 1,001 to 10,000 gp value.

Punishment: 1-2 years in jail or 1,000-6,000 gp fine.

Class 5

Spontaneous Attempted Murder, Theft, Fraud, or Tax Evasion of 10,001 or greater gp value.

Punishment: 2-8 years in jail or 5,000-30,000 gp fine.

Class 6

Deliberate Attempted Murder, Spontaneous (successful) Murder, Rape (which includes ongoing Magical Control over another), Mutiny in peacetime.

Punishment: 5-30 years in jail or death or 10,000-60,000 gp fine.

Class 7

Deliberate Murder, Treason [assault against the Royal Family, Mutiny, Disobedience of Orders by Military Personnel in Wartime, Betrayal of State Secrets to a Foreign Power, Disobedience of a Royal Command from the Duke or Duchess.

Punishment: Death.

Other crimes may be fitted into this framework as circumstance decrees – this is only a partial listing. In addition, many local communities have laws that apply only within these communities.

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