Population: 600

As much a fortress as a city, Darmshall is a bastion of security in the hostile land of Vaasa. Its usual population is only 600, but Darmshall has sheltered nearly ten times that number for extended periods in times of peril. A towering wall surrounds Darmshall, lined with weapons of war and grim-faced guards. Huge storerooms of food and supplies fill a secret tunnel complex beneath the city, stockpiled against times of need.

The construction of Darmshall was funded by an adventuring band called Tenblades, a group active during the early explorations of Vaasa. After two members of Tenblades were murdered, the group’s stubborn leader Romas Thunderclap wanted to get back at the vile inhabitants of the district. He built Darmshall, a mighty fortress, to be a perpetual thorn in the side of those evil beings claiming dominion of the land.

Romas must have been smiling in his grave for the last decade. Although the Witch-King claimed all of Vaasa, he never conquered Darmshall, though 1,000 goblin corpses rotted on the fields surrounding the city.


The defenses of Darmshall begin close to 100 yards away from the promontory on which the village sits. A ring of continual light torches rings the village, each placed so that they produce a ring of light around the village. Guardsmen are trained to spot and sound the alarm if any of the “flames” goes out. Small farms circle the village within the ring of continual flames.

If an invading force gets within the walls, they would first have to contend with the maze-like outer bailey. All of the buildings of the outer bailey have flat roofs with small crenelations. Every able-bodied archer is expected to climb on their roof and start firing on the invaders.

Although the roofs are not connected to each other, every roof is connected to a portcullis and iron-bound door leading into the outer walls. These can only be opened from within the wall cavities. If the invaders make it up to the roofs, the wall guards and the militia on the other roofs can still fire upon them.

It is common knowledge that each building in the outer bailey also has access to the tunnels below the bailey, which lead to another portcullis and door leading into the inner bailey. The tunnels are narrow and winding to make it impossible for invaders to bring ramming devices, and also to limit the number of invaders that can attack the strong points at any one time. In case of an invasion, as the able-bodied men and women climb onto the roof areas, children and non-combatants head below, making their way to safety.

Locations in Darmshall

Outer Bailey

Main Gate
Gate Towers
Gatekeeper’s Tower
Tella’s Stables
Rafe’s Smithy
Private Apartments
Mouse’s Locksmithy
Market Square
Bosco’s Outfitters
The Quartermaster’s
Silverhand’s Inn
The Stumbling Giant
Merchant’s Guidhouse
Wizard’s Tower
Darmshall’s Interfaith Temple

The Inner Bailey

Inner Gatehouse
Inner Courtyard
Tenblades Hall
Thunderclap Fortress
Prison Tower
Water Tower (Cistern)

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