Duchy of Bloodstone


Ruling House: Tranth
Present Baron: Gareth Dragonsbane, 6th Baron of Bloodstone
Family Crest: Crossed Pick and Sword
Capital: Bloodstone City (7,500)

For many centuries, this area in the Galenas was considered merely an extension of the Sunderland of southern Vaasa, unwanted by all but a handful of brave frontiersmen and miners. But the miners had a secret: knowledge of a verdant valley nestled in the sheltering walls of Bloodstone Pass. When the mines’ vast potential was finally understood, this valley became the site of Bloodstone Village, and the seat of the House of Tranth.

This is the only true pass through the Galena Mountains. Whoever controls Bloodstone controls the trade between Vaasa and Damara and can stop armies with ease. The pass contains Bloodstone City, a small forest, and a high mountain lake.

Bloodstone was the smallest of the Damaran provinces, and the most recently founded. When Gareth Dragonsbane married Lady Christine of the House of Tranth, he became only the sixth baron of this land. Although the people of Bloodstone have always had a high regard for the Tranth bloodline, they were certainly not disappointed when Gareth was granted the barony.

Historically, Bloodstone has experienced dramatic population swings. People flock here in good times, seeking the obvious wealth to be garnered from the mines. Then some disastrous event sends them running southward. The Wolf Winter and the coming of the Witch-King are only two recent examples of a long series of afflictions. However, with the rise of Gareth and his friends, and with the construction of the Gates, the days of running away may be over forever.

Bloodstone now surpass its previous glories. In the years since the mines reopened, the population of Bloodstone Village has exploded from less than a thousand to 7,500, making it the fourth largest city in all Damara. It is now known as Bloodstone City, and is the new (if temporary) seat of the King of all Damara.

With its swelling population and growing prosperity, its gateway controlling access to Vaasa, and its virtual annex of Arcata, it was no surprise that the new King elevated the Barony to a Duchy. The Duchy of Bloodstone will certainly play a major role in whatever the future brings.

In addition, two new towns have sprung up. Windless lies in the sheltered valley south of Bloodstone City. Virdin, named after the last king of Damara, prospers in the foothills near the mines.


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Duchy of Bloodstone

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