Duchy of Brandiar

Ruling House: Brandebury, presently none
Present Duke: None, currently represented by Dormythyrr, Steward of the Duchy
Family Crest: Spear-tipped Windmill
Capital: Goliad (900)

Brandiar is a land of scattered villages, and farming is the primary occupation of the people. Once loosely ruled by the Duke of Brandebury in Goliad, that position is now empty. Ebelard, last of the Brandebury line, died of a broken heart soon after Zhengyi’s ascent, for Ebelard was the first to concede defeat and surrender to the evil forces of Vaasa.

The people of Brandiar had no successor at hand, and the Witch-King never bothered to appoint one. Brandiar remained neutral during the Bloodstone Wars. Armies from Bloodstone crossed Brandiar’s borders as freely as those from Morov, Ostel, and Polten. The unorganized farmers could have done nothing to stop either side, even had they tried!

After the Bloodstone Wars, when Vaasa reared its ugly head again, Brandiar did join in the Damaran rebellion. A common farmer from Goliad, Dormythyrr by name, assumed stewardship of the duchy. He gathered an army, then turned his forces over to Gareth, serving thereafter as an able commander in the Bloodstone army.

Today Brandiar is a divided land. More than any other province, Brandiar suffered under the Witch-King. “Eight of the ten” is a saying in the province: eight of the ten long years of the first war were fought almost exclusively within Brandiar’s borders. The people won’t soon forget what Gareth and the army of Bloodstone accomplished.

Moreover, the security promised by the new Kingdom of Bloodstone is deeply appealing. However, the southern villages of the province retain old ties to Morov and Ostel, who do not favor the new Bloodstone kingdom. Dimian Ree, the Baron of Morov, takes it for granted that Brandiar will support him, but the province is actually leaning strongly toward Gareth.


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Duchy of Brandiar

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