Duchy of Sorovia

Ruling House: None
Present Duke: None
Province Crest: Ice Mountain
Capital: Kinbrace (4,500)

Soravia is the newest of the Damaran provinces, created by the Witch-King as a buffer zone between his armies and the more populous sections of Damara.

Originally, Soravia was about the size of Carmathan, occupying the southern sections of the wide valleys between the three rivers. But when the Witch- King was defeated, Soravia expanded. It now includes all the lands west of Brandiar and north of Morov and Polten.

This sounds more impressive than it really is. The vast proportion of this province is rough grassland and barren tundra. Although it occupies nearly half of all Damara, Soravia can barely support the 12,000 hardy souls who live there.

The Witch-King set up one Ygor as the first Duke of Soravia, but he was dragged through the streets of Kinbrace as soon as Zhengyi was thrown down. The people are determined to maintain their independence, and they do not want their territory returned to its previous status as squatters’ land.

Rumors indicate that the dukeship will be offered to Olwen Forest-Friend, who is sweeping the last remnants of the Vaasan army from the vicinity. Whether these rumors are true or not, Olwen and his soldiers are bringing freedom to the province. Where they pass, they spread news of Gareth Dragonsbane, and the scattered villages of Soravia are lining up solidly behind Gareth and the notion of the new Kingdom of Bloodstone.

This could prove quite important to the creation of the new kingdom. Soravia alone borders Narfell, Damara’s quiet neighbor in the east. Only the people of eastern Soravia know anything at all about the rugged Nars. Furthermore, if Soravia and Brandiar swing completely into Gareth’s fold, the Baron of Bloodstone will have a lock on the north and on all the major river systems in the region.

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Duchy of Sorovia

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