This small, thick forest is amazingly resilient, growing back whatever is cut from it in only a few years. Legends say that long ago Rillifane Rallathil enspelled the wood in defiance of the glacier, and that since that time it has never been covered in ice. Monsters generally avoid the wood.


In the Earthwood as a whole, there are some 750 Copper (Wood) elves. They live in small, secluded communities, usually in tree houses 30-50 feet above the forest floor. They are divided predominantly into four clans, and clan allegiances are a source of pride and a badge of honor.

Clan Sherendyl

This clan has a reputation for producing the finest Elven warriors. Sherendyl elves are blunt, pragmatic, and to-the-point in dealing with outsiders. They respect the rangers of Damara, and Olwen Forest-Friend meets with the clan elders once a year or so to exchange information and greetings.

Clan Meldarin

Meldarin elves are renowned for their bowmanship, and in many ways are the most completely adapted to their life and home. A Meldarin elf is said to be able to predict the weather a week ahead simply by inspecting moss on the trees. This clan has the highest proportion of half-elves, and is the friendliest toward humans and gnomes. Many of this clan reveres Meilikki in addition to the Seldarine.

Clan Fealefel

This clan is ruled by a Council of Wizards five strong, and has always produced more wizards than the other clans. Fealefel elves are quiet folk, studious and graver than most of their kind, but make utterly implacable enemies. They have some social customs that are unusual among elves, such as arranged marriages and ritualized rites-of-passage ceremonies.

Clan Enlanefel

This small clan comprises no more than 7% of the total Elven numbers, yet is always deferred to. Enlanefel elves are seers, mystics and loremasters. They do not seek temporal power or authority, but are the major guardians of Elven secrets. The high priests of Rillifane, who protects the Earthwood and all within, are always of Clan Enlanefel.

Clans do not usually live separately, preferring mixed communities. The elves of the Earthwood to not often share their communities with humans, and guard the borders of their territories.

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