Population: 900

A closely-walled city amid sprawling fields and scattered farmhouses, Goliad is both the seat of power for the Duchy of Brandiar, and a war-time refuge for the nearby farmers. Only 250 people regularly reside within the walls, but its stated population includes the many farmers who rely on it to be home base and a shelter.

Twice battered, Goliad serves as a testament to the teachings of Ilmater, the god of endurance and suffering, simply because it continues to exist. When the Witch-King proved victorious at the first battle at the ford, Goliad was literally flattened and its people sent fleeing across the land. But they returned and rebuilt— only to have it flattened again when the armies returned for a rematch. This time, though, the good guys won.

The people of Goliad received considerable assistance pulling their city back together for the second time. The Church of the Bountiful Harvest will soon be completed, and it is sure to be one of the most impressive structures in the region, a symbol of the unyielding will of the brave people of Goliad and all Brandiar.

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