Great Glacier

The Great Glacier remains one of the major mysteries of the Forgotten Realms, on par with the desert of Anauroch. Whereas Anauroch has expanded, though, the Great Glacier has receded. Just three centuries ago the glacier covered all of what is now Vaasa and Damara, as well as most of the grasslands of Narfell. Today the lands are free of constant ice.

Even though the ice has recently receded, the Great Glacier remains an awesome natural spectacle. It measures more than 1,200 miles across in some places and is fully 700 miles wide.

This vast icesheet plays an important role in the lifecycles of the Bloodstone Lands. Spring melt off from the glacier waters the grasslands, and makes river transport possible. In winter, the cold winds blowing down from the north keep the nights long and bitter.

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Great Glacier

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