Population: 44,000
Second-largest city in the Bloodstone Lands, Heliogabalus has long been Damara’s center of power and trade. Like large cities elsewhere in the Forgotten Realms, Heliogabalus is a place of many textures. The guilds are here: Tightpurse (the Damaran thieves’ guild), the merchants guild, and the various trade guilds. Here also may be found the lures of the underworld, easy to contact in the many darkened taverns.

Until the reign of Zhengyi, Heliogabalus enjoyed the singular status of being a separate province of Damara. When the provinces were proclaimed independent, Dimian Ree moved his seat of power from Morovar to Heliogabalus, and annexed the city into Morov’s realm.

The people of Heliogabalus raised no objections to Ree’s actions. Independent, and loyal to no one outside their respective guilds, the people here rarely object to anything unless it interferes with day-to-day business.

Heliogabalus has its finger on the pulse of Damara’s economy. Astride every trade route of road and waterway, Heliogabalus will always have a dominant role in the region’s politics, even if the official seat of power moves to Bloodstone City. The merchants’ power, bolstered by their ties to foreign lands, cannot be threatened by proclamation of a new capital city. If the new King expects his Kingdom of Bloodstone to succeed, he will have to coax the powerful guildmasters of Heliogabalus into his fold.

Law and Order

Heliogabalus follows the King’s Law. A code of laws created by Feldrin Bloodfeathers with the backing of the original province leaders. Also known as Damaran Law. In addition, there are laws concerning Weapons and Armor in Heliogabalus.

Heliogabalus Districts

Heliogabalus is broken into several districts. Each district has its own guardhouse, magistrates and administration, all of whom technically report to the Mayor. Due to the city’s charter, the administration buildings of each district are staffed by the guilds who have headquarters in that district, leaving much of the city in the hands of the guilds, not the Baron.

Palace Hill

Behind the Old Wall

The Hill
The Old Quarter
South End

Between Old Wall and the King’s Wall

The Farmer’s District
The Foreign Quarter

Outside the Walls

Trader’s Row
The Farms

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