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Though a great deal of buying and selling goes on in the Old Quarter and the North End, real business takes place in Bricktop. It is here that the merchant caravans of the Bloodstone Lands are bought and sold before they ever set out from their homelands, the price of mead is set throughout the region, and fortunes that would make kings weep are made and lost every day.

A more or less affluent area of town, Bricktop is the Merchant District. It is named for Bricktop Road, a major thoroughfare. The slang term “Bricktop” indicates anything that is of good quality. Bricktop is made of yellowish, fired brick and runs around the perimeter of Palace Hill. The color of the brick accounts for statements in the slums that the streets in Heliogabalus are paved with gold. This area is characterized by small- to medium-sized expensive homes; the population is mostly of Damaran descent.

Many merchants, ministerial aides, and other well-paid persons live here. It is also the home of retired adventurers of middling incomes.


Who Rules: The Guilds of the Merchants’ District take their responsibility of oversight very seriously. Each guild has at least one senior member assigned to the district administration office, and they often have a staff which includes at least one barrister provided by the guild. The Merchant’s Guild alone has almost a dozen administrators on retainer to oversee the efficient governance of the district.

Town/District Guard

Leader: Nellisir Avanson (human male) is a fairly laid-back captain who spends his time preparing for a thieves guild incursion to “his” district. A few years ago, Avansen got a guild thief to spill his guts, and he has been able to stay a step ahead of the guild since then.

Merchant’s Heart is the lifeblood of the city, the main docks of Tradeharbor are located in the district, as well as the Merchants’ Guildhall and many craft guilds. The district is always buzzing, and the guilds have paid for everburning torches in lanterns on the main roads of the district, so there’s always light.


Bricktop Center

1. Bricktop Administration Office
2. Bricktop Court House
3. Bricktop Revenue Office
4. City Guard Barracks

5. Tailors Guildhall

6. The Goose Downs (boardinghouse)
7. The Crown & Castle tavern
8. The Soldier’s Rest tavern
9. The Gentle Wife tavern

10. The Strong Bow (bowyer/fletcher)
11. Bistro the Potter
12. Verria’s Toy Shop
13. Carroway the Cartographer

14. Vordin House
15. Baron Vordin House
16. Grygori Vordin’s house
17. Baron Yuschiev mansion
18. Rugo the Rich (financier)
19. Gilli the Pleader (barrister)

Merchant’s Heart

20. The Trading House (Temple to Waukeen, also contains a shrine to Shaundakul)
21. Merchant’s Consortium Hall
22. Cutlers Guildhall
23. Scriveners’ Guildhall

24. Turano’s Guesthouse
25. The Golden Book, Inn and restaurant

26. House of Knives (cutlery)
27. Rennago’s Gems and Jewelry
28. Crimson Noblius (foodstuff buyer)
29. Eridok’s Expedition Provisions (outfitters)

30. House of Knowledge (Dymyrra the sage)
31. Cersalt the sage
32. Scriveners’ Guild Public Library
33. School


34. Harbour Master
35. Bloody Barbers Street Gang

36. Artful Hands apartments (thieves’ guild apartments)
37. The Bay Inn
38. Rattlebone Inn
39. Helman’s Bar
40. The Low Seas Tavern

41. Ree’s Wholesale Foodstuff
42. Laaryana’s Wigs
43. Heranthes (cobbler)

44. The Needle’s Point (tattoos)
45. Imelda’s Beauties (brothel – festhall)
46. Goodwife Thanatos


47. Bowyers Guildhall
48. Griffon’s Arms Inn
49. Gold Dragon Inn
50. Blue Water Mead Hall
51. Harbor Tavern
52. The Whistling Fish (tavern)
53. The Priest and Jug, tavern

54. Fall’s Marketplace
55. Aristo (wine merchant)
56. Elspeth’s Jewelry
57. Belle of the Ball
58. Silver Lining

59. Turano’s main house
60. Renn’s School of the Blade
61. Ducal Helios Theater
62. Bay View Theater Company

The Burrows

63. Shrine of Yondalla
64. Bakers Guildhall

65. The Left Hand Inn
66. Seven Trees
67. The Arguing Owl tavern
68. The Mad Juggler tavern

69. Marktunsel Spices
70. Titus Angelicus’ (grocer)
71. Harrag the Candymaker
72. Three Fish
73. Second Breakfastes (hin diner/restaurant)

74. Greentallow Manor
75. Lil’ Vera’s (hin nurse)


76. The Grand Market
77. Blacksmith’s Guild House
78. Bricklayers Guildhall
87. Graysmere Merchants’ Compact (dwarven trading house)

79. The Gorgeous Giant (Inn and Tavern)
80. Bricklayers’ Arms tavern
81. The Golden Ring tavern

82. The Grog Shoppe
83. Blade Alehouse Tavern
84. Gorlim the Axe (weaponsmith)
85. Thogar’s Smithy (smith)
86. The Golden Globe (glassblower)

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