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From the Cathedral of All Men to The Palace, the Old Quarter shows its age. Tiny streets which were once cow paths wend through tenement-laden blocks. Once the heart of Heliogabalus, the Old Quarter grew too tight and confining. As the city grew, the wealthier citizens moved out of the cramped Old Quarter and built newer and larger residences elsewhere, leaving the poor and destitute.

Crime is a big problem in the Old Quarter, and the district administration and watch seem unable, or unwilling, to stand against it. The Old City hall, now known as the Palace, was purchased by Tarkos Ree and has become the headquarters of the Laborer’s Union. When someone asks why it is called “The Palace”, the locals usually respond, “So you’re not from around here.”


Population: About 7,600 people cram themselves into the Old Quarter, with many living in tenement houses. Once the heart of the city, the buildings are the oldest (and most run-down) with many old homes subdivided into apartments often consisting of one or two rooms.

There is a small population of half-orcs living in the Nest and Fishstink, but not enough to create their own ghetto or neighborhood.


The guilds responsible for district oversight of the Old Quarter include the Carpenters’, Shipwrights’, Mariners’ Dockers and Wharfsmen’, and the Laborers’ Union. None of these guilds care much for “pencil pushing”, so the district runs pretty much independently. Baron Dimian Ree’s cousin, Tarkos Ree is Guildmaster of the Laborers’ Union, the only guildmaster who takes an active hand in district governance.

District Guard

Leader: Lady Kythus Finch, Captain of the Guard leads a beleaguered district watch. There are never enough resources, and Lady Finch feels like she is barely keeping her head above water.

Main Industries

The Old Quarter houses the main temples and churches of Heliogabalus. Once the center of the city, and the second oldest district after the Nest, the Old Quarter has a bit of everything. The Old Quarter is a poorer residential district, anyone who can afford more has moved out. The Grocers’ Guildhall and the Leatherworkers’ Guildhall house the two major industries of the district.

Important People

Patriarch Ollver Jowett of the Cathedral of All Men and Patriarch Alek Nidel of the Glacier’s Gift have an ongoing rivalry and openly compete for worshipers. It is said that the two men loath each other, even if the faiths these two churches represent are not in direct competition.

Blackstone. A powerful wizard not connected to the Magician’s Guild or any other guild. Blackstone lives in a tower in the middle of the Nest. Residents generally cross the streets to avoid the place.


Old Faith

1. Cathedral of All Men (Church of the Triad)
2. Monastery of Saint Kruskien (Tempus)
3. The Prior’s Scroll Inn
4. The Bawd and Minister Tavern
5. The Quill and Counter Tavern
6. Shop of Ogo the Blind (religious relics and curios)
7. Shop of Nemia of the Dusk (potions and religious incense)
8. Pacis Bellanic Studium (School)
9. Aquae Flavianae (Bath House)
10. Ruined temple of St. Rybich (ruined temple of Ilmater)


11. Sailor’s Glory (Shrine of Valkur)
12. Shipwright’s Guild House
13. Mariners’ Guild House
14. Dockers’ and Wharfmans’ Union
15. The Graceful Swan (Inn)
16. Jagged Blade Inn
17. The Tavern on the Shore
18. The Ban’s Pride Tavern

Old Quarter Stations

19. Old Quarter Admin Office
20. Old Quarter Revenue Office
21. Old Quarter Court House
22. Library of Oghma
23. Open Door Boarding House.
24. Eagle’s Nest (apartments)
25. The Splintered Diamond Inn
26. The Pegasus’ Wings Tavern
27. The Wassailing Wolf Tavern
28. The Ferret Hole (scribe)
29. Weiss & Co Locksmiths
30. Geeridan’s (outfitters)
31. Seldani & McGhee’s Magic Shop (potions and magic items)
32. City Orphanage
33. Golden Horseshoe Gaming House
34. Chalice Mission House

Dreamer’s Delights

35. House of the Tossed Coin (Temple to Tymora)
36. Crimson Antlers Inn
37. Dancing Ogre Tavern
38. Vesper’s Pawnshop
39. Ali Bongo’s Emporium
40. The Street Dreamers Gang
41. Tremelo’s Bath House
42. Grand Playhouse (theater)
43. The Merry Players (street performers)
44. Palace of Oddities (museum)
45. Blackstone Tower


46. Glacier’s Gift (Temple to the House of Nature)
47. Grocers Guildhall
48. Leathersellers Guildhall
49. Lumber Warehouse (carpenter’s guild house)
50. Elk Horn Boarding House
51. The Blue Ferret Inn
52. The Lucky Hammer Tavern
53. The Keyhole (locksmith)
54. Double Daggers (weaponsmith)
55. The Keen Edge (weaponsmith)
56. Roolesh the Bricklayer
57. Natick Nimblefingers (tailor)
58. The Water Clock (artificer, clockworks)
59. Fasha’s Market (general store)
60. Hesters’ House (grain merchant)
61. Skuldudger’s Cutlery


89. Fishmongers Guildhall
62. The Caverns (apartments)
63. Turkyl’s Tenements
64. The Dancing Medusa Inn
65. The Flying Hammock (tavern)
66. The Laughing Dog Tavern (sailor dive)
67. The Begging Bowl (low-class eatery and food pantry)
68. Tangled Net (nautical supplies)
69. Wulfric’s Tannery (armorer and leatherworker)
70. The Fishbowl (brothel)
71. Jharan Hulris’ Tattoos
72. Column of Florin Osteropol (famed knight)

The Nest

73. The Palace (old city hall)
74. Laborer’s Union
75. Mercenaries’ Brotherhood
76. Turin’s Servant Agency
77. Squill’s Tenements
78. The Baron’s League Inn
79. The Drunken Dragon Tavern
80. The House of Cards Tavern
81. The White Wasp (herbalist)
82. Aithne’s Coins, moneylender and pawnshop
83. Jaeger’s Pawnshop
84. Last Chance (gambling house)
85. House of Alya (fortuneteller)
86. The Pavillion of Delights (brothel)
87. House of Many Smokes (drug den)
88. The Eagle’s Vision (fortuneteller)
90. Bazaar of the Bizarre


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Heliogabalus - Old Quarter

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