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While similar to the North End, the South End of Heliogabalus features fewer adventurers and businesses catering to them. As a result, it is a little quieter, and long-time adventurers now in retirement sometimes end up here. In addition, the South End is the center of arcane study in the city, and even boasts an elven neighborhood, centered around The Seldrinar, a temple to the elven gods.


South End is well represented on the Council of Guilds and has six seats for the Brewer’s Guild, Dyers’ Guild, Crier’s Guild, the Astrologers’ Consortium, The Order of Alchemists and Herbalists, and the Magician’s Guild.

Like every district in Heliogabalus, the real leaders of the district are the dozens of unnamed bureaucrats who work in the district administration office, and like most other districts, Tightpurse has a significant presence in the administration and guard offices.. While the guild leaders of the district technically have oversight of the administration office, none of the guilds know enough about operations to effectively question the bureaucrats. South End is a bit better off than the other districts since the Magicians’ and Alchemists’ Guilds tend to have a better handle on things, and the Criers’ Guild usually has a good idea of the real story.


The South End consists of six distinct neighborhoods and South Green, a large area of land that the city keeps as open space. South Green has some working farms and grain silos, but is mainly considered to be “park-like”. Elves, lovers, as well as nature lovers come to South Green to escape the “city”.


The northern portion of South End contains the neighborhoods of Elventown, which borders The Hills. The northern section of South Green is considered to be part of Elventown.

1. The Seldrinar. Temple to the Seldarine. High Priest Marindyl Truesword.
2. Order of Apothecaries and Physicians. Guildmaster Felix Boer
3. Wanderers Return Inn. Tavern and Inn catering to the Tel’Quessir, run by Finnobar Aodin.
4. Sam’s Market
5. Jaelmura’s Blades. Famed elven bladesmith Elenath Jaelmura
6. Sharbremil’s Medicinals. Sharbremil
7. Scribe. Fenne Morwennach
8. Herbalist. Kereth Thost
9. The Winter Vine (winery)
10. Blacksmith’s Shop
11. Balador’s Answers. Brionna Balador
12. Sage Caldwer Martus
52. Fierce Connal’s (blacksmith)


To the east of Elventown is Moonlight, which grew up around Moonlight Hall, the Temple of Selune. Moonlight also contains the Moonbeam’s Rest Inn and the Astrologer’s Consortium.

13. Moonlight Hall. Temple to Selune. Moonmistress Adelasia.
14. Astrologer’s Consortium. Guildmaster Kymorel.

15. Moonbeam Rest Inn
16. The Lovers Retreat Inn. Regina Daux
17. The Shackled Beastman Tavern. Barkeep Prades Rocher.
18. Silversmith. Missary Baeret

Wizard’s Way

The neighborhood of Wizard’s Way is the geographical center of the South End and contains the Open Spellbook (Temple to Mystra), the Magician’s Guildhall, and many shops that cater to the Magician’s Guild.

19. The Open Spellbook. Temple to Mystra. Carinne Saedryil.
20. Granmalkin Academy New home of the Magician’s Guild
51. Teldon’s Manor.
21. The Dimension Door Inn. Innkeep Nessie Angelthorn.
22. Wizard’s Gizzard Tavern. Owner Delince Utherby
23. Past Treasures. Archaea Zareth is a buyer and seller of historical artifacts.
24. Alchemist Felix Boer
25. Goldsmith. Quin Powell
26. Hargun the Sage. Hargun Tesses
51. Teldon’s Manor (former home of the Magician’s Guild)

South End Center

South of Wizard’s Way is the South End Center, which contains the administrative offices of the city.

35. South End Administration
36. South End Tax Assessor’s
37. South End Courthouse
38. South End Watch Office

39. The Golden Crossbow Inn. Innkeep Martia Varsch
40. The Hawk’s Nest Tavern. Barkeep Feola D’Anen
41. Basil’s Steel (human male)
42. Tinker. Calagan


East of Wizard’s Way and South End Center is Southeast Side, also known as Brewhearth, which borders the Old Quarter. The Brewer’s and Dyer’s Guild is here, and it is considered to be the roughest neighborhood in the district.

27. Brewer’s Guildhall. Guildmaster Geald Binnion
28. Dyer’s Guildhall. Guildmaster Dani Wynt
29. Dyer’s Arms Inn. Maelos Gerold
30. The Bountiful Basket Inn. Amalric Durandal
31. The Workers Lament Tavern. Dive bar, run by Ordo Mott
32. Smithy. Kearlen Gelvens
33. Tailor. Arlenee Degis
34. Alchemist Dywana Hallond


The southermost neighborhood is called Southgate, and is due west of the city gates. While South End Graveyard isn’t technically part of Southgate, most Southies consider it part of the neighborhood. Southgate is home to the Adventurer’s Rest Inn and many of the businesses that cater to travelers and adventurers.

43. Crier’s Guildhall. Guildmistress Brandria Rhion
44. The Adventurers Rest Inn. Innkeeper Dennic Broadleaf
45. The Bottomless Keg Tavern. Barkeep Dunus Murgillan
46. Fruit of the Vine Tavern. Barkeep Regnus Therinth
47. Boris’ Traditional Thayvian Cuisine. Boris Derrium

48. Odsel’s Outfitters. Rafe Odsel, general store and adventuring equipment.
49. South End Graveyard

South Green

50. Davidov Veterinary Clinic and Herbalist Alexerros Davidov

Town/District Guard

Leader: Jordin Angelthorn, Captain of the Southguard

Sergeant Daven Perol commands the day watch, while Sergeant Tynor Dugas commands the night watch.

Main Industries

The South End is the arcane center of Heliogabalus and hosts the Magician’s Guild, the Astrologer’s Guild, and the Alchemists’ Guild. It boasts more apothecaries, alchemists, physicians (including veterinarians) and arcanists than any other district.

The Brewer’s Guild and the Dyer’s Guild employ many South End residents.

Important People

Telari Avondal (Human Female Wizard (Enchanter)). Telari is Guildmaster of the Mages’ Guild.

High Magistress Carinne Saedryil (human female cleric of Mystra). High Priestess of the Open Spellbook.

Tales of Southie

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Heliogabalus - South End

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