History of Bloodstone

Current Year

DR 1373 Year of Rogue Dragons

Many events are part of the history of the Bloodstone Lands. The following give an overview of the more important events

DR 1343-1347 The Goblinblood Wars

DR 1347-1373 History of the Bloodstone Wars

DR 1347 (Year of the Boot)
The Rise of Zhengyi

DR 1357 (Year of the Prince)
Betrayal at Goliad

DR 1359 (Year of the Serpent)
Birth of the Twilight Riders

DR 1360 (Year of the Turret)
Arcata launches the Bloodstone Wars

DR 1362 (Year of the Helm)
Dragonsbane Victorious

DR 1363 (Year of the Wyvern)
Zhengyi Retaliates

DR 1364 (Year of the Wave)
Victory at Goliad

DR 1365 (Year of the Sword)
Damara Cleansed

DR 1373 (Year of Rogue Dragons) – Now
The Current Situation

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History of Bloodstone

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