Capital: Lyrabar
Language: Damaran (Dethek Alphabet)
Government: Monarchy
Religions: Ilmater, Selune, Tymora, Valkur, Waukeen
Imports: Exotic goods, fruit, shipbuilders, tea, vegetables, wood products
Exports: Gems, gold, iron, silver, trade goods from the Cold Lands

Impiltur is a kingdom of friendly merchants, preferring peace but capable of calculated acts of war when necessary. While the Impilturans vigorously defend their own borders, the government traditionally remains neutral and leaves neighboring lands to defend themselves. Impilturans see all sorts of raw valuables come from their northern neighbors and exotic goods arrive in their ports.

Among Faerûnians elsewhere, Impiltur is often “the Forgotten Kingdom.” It has the mines and pines of the northern realms, but lacks witches or tyrants who send armies to attack neighboring countries. Its shipborne trade passes through the hands of either Sembia or Telflamm, so the Impilturran origin of the copper-work, silver, and iron bars is lost to purchasers. Impiltur is also the gateway to the riches of Damara, and a land fast growing in farmers now beginning to export smoked meats, cheeses, and fireslake (strong, sour wine of poor quality but great potency).

Impiltur is at peace with its neighbors, but persistent brigands, orc and hobgoblin raids out of the Earthspur Mountains, monsters aroused by the ongoing mining and prospecting, and intrigues hatched in the cities of Impiltur by agents of Thay, the newly energetic clergies of Shar, and other dark powers keep the armies of Impiltur war-ready.


Impiltur has grown wealthy from trade passing through it, for it is the gateway between the Cold Lands and the nations on the Sea of Fallen Stars. Its people are ready and willing to fight to defend themselves, but enjoy their peaceful lives. The strong militia is capable of fighting on the land, in the mountain lowlands, or on the water.

Typical patrols of the Warswords of Impiltur consist of twenty or more chainmail-clad, mounted warriors, armed with lances and crossbows. A meeting with formidable monsters or strong foes leads to the summoning of additional patrols, or the hiring of adventurers to serve as “swordpoints.” Adventurers on swordpoint duty are allowed some measure of freedom from the usual laws of the land.

Given their country’s role as a major trading state, Impilturans aren’t surprised by different sorts of people, although elves and half-elves are still uncommon in this area. They are proud of the Council of Lords and the widowed Queen Sambryl (CG female human Ari5/Wiz4). The queen herself finds governing boring and prefers to let the council direct matters.


Impiltur stretches between the Sea of Fallen Stars and the Earthspur Mountains.
Earthspur Mountains
The Gray Forest


Impiltur today is a land of opportunity for the hard-working and the adventurous. With each passing month the inhabitants improve the roads, clear land for farms, and push back the frontier.
Lyrabar, Capital
New Sarshel


At least two realms of Impiltur have existed along the north coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars between the Earthspur and Earthfast mountains and the Easting Reach. The present realm was founded by the war-captain Imphras, who united four independent cities to face hobgoblin hordes advancing out of the Giantspire Mountains in 1095 DR. One of the military leaders proposed uniting their strength to form a nation, and the others agreed.

Impiltur has been a monarchy since, with a council of lords (most of them paladins or of lawful or good alignment) supporting and advising the monarch. Impiltur has a history of nonintervention, letting neighboring lands handle their own affairs unless such a hands-off policy would have major consequences for Impilturans. This policy makes them good trading partners but frustrating friends in times of war, as Damara found when it was invaded by Vaasa.

Today, Queen Sambryl, the widow of Imphras IV, rules Impiltur. She prefers to travel the land inspiring her people and aiding them in individual problems, serving as a willing figurehead for the true rulers of Impiltur: the twelve Lords of Imphras II, paladins indirectly descended from Imphras. These twelve serve as the vigilant war-captains of the realm and meet in council often to adjust their defenses and devise tasks for the troublesome or formidable adventurers of the land, sending such ready blades into conflict with Impiltur’s foes.

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