This campaign will use a modified version of the Inspiration rules. These rules only apply to GM awarded Inspiration, not Player awarded (bards etc.).

Using Inspiration

I will be using Poker Chips to track Inspiration, and unlike RAW, you can have more than one chip. You can use an Inspiration Chip once per turn to reroll a d20 after you made the roll, but before the results have been applied – similar to a toned-down version of Lucky.

Sharing Inspiration Variant – still thinking about this

In another twist – with an homage to the new Star Wars game – Inspiration Chips can be passed between players with a good reason. As an example, while defending Kratys Freehold, Ivan moves into the center of the orcish army. Embrek then begins to chant an old dwarven war chant that unnerves the orcs surrounding Ivan (passes him an Inspiration chip).

Gaining Inspiration

Players can earn Inspiration by adding depth to their characters. As I try to do in every campaign, anyone adding information to the website (Adventure Logs, NPCs the character knows, places the character visits or frequents, etc.) will get a poker chip representing Inspiration the next session – maximum one.

Things to think about when adding material. I am not interested in stats. Pictures of people and places, descriptions, etc. – and you all know that I reserve the right to add, subtract, edit and refine the material.

You can also gain Inspiration during play by adding depth to your character. This is ten-times more likely while Role-Playing versus Roll-Playing. You may be pursuing threads in your character’s backstory, acting in character or exceptional role-playing.

Chances are, if everyone at the table stops and watches what you’re doing, its worthy of Inspiration. Swinging across the room on the chandelier to tumble behind the enemies and flank with the warrior is likely deserving of Inspiration. Remember, I’m a sucker for heroics.

I am going to ask for help on this at the table at first, other players can suggest that a player’s actions are worthy of Inspiration and I’ll consider it. Once the campaign is underway, it will start to be more natural and I probably won’t need the help.

Prior Examples

“Who are you people?”, Talice, “We’re the heroes”

Dionysus threatens the goblin and forces it to carry his goods.

Verdtumnus prays for intercession and the Hand of Tulkas reaches down, restoring the Mithgil to full strength.

Less than Heroic Examples that probably should still get Inspiration (Reluctantly)
Keegan picks up the Serpin Lexicon and uses it in the summoning chamber to call a pack of demons, just to see if it works.

Keegan gives Valishar the magical cloak to try on, steps over his body once Valishar dies from the Cloak of Poisonousness.

Estfineel squashes the kender.

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