List of Bloodstone Organizations

The following is a list of many of the organizations that wield power in the Bloodstone Lands.

Adventuring Organizations

The Kneebreakers
The Talebringers
Weird Wingham’s

Arcane Guilds and Colleges

The Magician’s Guild of Heliogabalus
The Gray College

Governments, Military, and Tribes

The Alliance of Belt Watchers
The Narfell Tribes
The White Worm Barbarians


The Hin Fist
Order of the Yellow Rose

Paladin Orders

Knights of Imphras II
Order of the Golden Cup

Thieves’ and Rogues’ Organizations

The Silverblades


The Chicane Guild
Order of the Golden Bee

Adventuring Parties

Thunkers of the Thunkers
The Twilight Riders

Villainous Organizations

The Blackfire Adepts
The Citadel of Assassins

Monstrous Organizations

Garuk One-Ears
The Thunkers

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List of Bloodstone Organizations

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