Mistmoor Castle


Mistmoor Castle sprawls over most of a large island situated slightly off-center on the Beaumaris River. The basic design is of three baileys, arranged in line. In addition, the slope of the island allows each set of fortifications to guard and reinforce those below it.

The Dock Area sits outside the castle proper. It is often the stopping grounds for Vaasan bargefolk, who have plied the great river for years. A small tavern, the Grog Shoppe, rests against the south wall and is only opened when there are enough Bargefolk to warrant it. It sits empty most days.

The Lower Bailey is the main entry point from Vaasa. The lower bailey is centered around Delmar’s, an inn and tavern run by the Mistmaster’s long-time friend Gabriel Lugallo. Lugallo also sends his staff to tend the Grog Shoppe when the Dock area starts to get busy.

The Middle Bailey provides another gate for making sorties, as well as a further staging area in the event the Lower Bailey is taken. It is the home of Garath Mistmaster’s personal guard, the Mistwatch and their captain, Corum Stormeyes.

The Upper Bailey is the home of the Tower of Mists, Garath’s home that he shares with two apprentices. It is where invited guests and old companions stay. Jinst Farreacher acts as Mistmaster’s seneschal from the great hall, and also tends the chapel, which includes shrines to the Triad, the House of Nature and the Seldarine.

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Mistmoor Castle

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