Monastery of Saint Kruskien

This order of Tempus is devoted to Saint Kruskien, a Damaran war cleric of the Lord of Battle who rallied the forces of Damara when they faced a gigantic goblinoid horde from the Giantspur Mountains.

Kruskien was thought to be from northern Damara. He began as an adventurer, and became a powerful war priest of Tempus. He developed a following when he saved a contingent of Damaran soldiers from a hobgoblin ambush. With the soldiers in tow, he discovered that the ambush forces were just part of a larger invasion force from the Giantspur Mountains. Saving a tribe of Nar warriors, he united the two disparate forces and drove back the goblinoid legions.

They say that after the battle, he was offered the chance to undertake a series of Nar trials and rituals which culminated in him being adopted as one of the tribe.

He was granted a land grant in Heliogabalus and built a small training facility. He began training young warriors and future war-priests. When an evil cult threatened the new city, Kruskien and his followers discovered the secret and defeated the cult. However, the cult’s leader, an enigmatic being who called herself the Falcon somehow evaded capture. The Falcon’s followers claimed that she had magically sequestered herself, waiting for her cult to grow again and free her.

When Kruskien passed, his body was laid to rest in his temple, which has since been renamed in his honor.

Located in the Old Quarter, the Monastery takes its protection seriously. Most of the doors and windows have glyphs of warding, designed to rouse the inhabitants as well as incapacitate any thieves. In addition, the Monastery usually has 5-8 well-trained weisshunds (see below) which wander freely about the property.



Worship hall. This is adorned with tapestries, shields, and weapons. Wooden benches face toward the altar, hanging censers, and sculpted pedestals.

The northern two–thirds of the hall are vaulted and rise to a height of 22 ft. while a second floor balcony occupies the southern third of the chamber.

Hallway. This has two stone staircases, one ascending to the worship hall balcony, and the other ascending to the priests’ bedrooms.

Storage. This contains crates, casks, and kegs filled with an assortment of foodstuffs, dry provisions, and equipment.

Armory. A large assortment of arms and metal armors is arrayed here, and the novices spend a great deal of time learning their proper care. There are no practice weapons.

Courtyard. Novices and priests alike train their combat skills in this sparring yard.

Dining room. This contains a large, polished dining table, highboy, and wine rack.

Kitchen. The priests and novices do not waste their time in tasks unrelated to the Warrior’s mission, so the temple employs a small staff to cook and clean. The staff are locals employed at the Monastery, but do not live on the premises.


Balcony. This overlooks the worship hall. It has a number of plush chairs reserved for distinguished guests.

Senior priest’s office. This contains a large desk, bookcase, and standing censers.

Senior priest’s bedroom. This boasts the only single bed in the temple, but is otherwise furnished similarly to the other bedrooms.

Bedrooms. Each contains a double bunk bed, dresser, small table, and locked storage chest.

Linen Closet. This is lined with shelves. A trap door in the ceiling accesses the attic.


Ezekiel Hekrit, Soldier of Tempus

Ezekiel is a tall, powerfully built man with a thick shock of black hair just beginning to gray. He is strong-willed, outspoken, and egotistical, and knows that his diplomacy skills are poor at best. He is not the talk of political or social circles, but his ambitions do not sway toward such genteel interests. The Soldier is a braggart, proud of his accomplishments and ranking within the clergy, but he never exaggerates his deeds. He leads by example, for that is Warrior’s way. Ezekiel is a demanding but fair senior priest who expects only the utmost effort from his novices and junior priests.

Ezekiel Hekrit is assisted by lesser priests Lamin Doru and Ingril Hamman. From 2-5 acolytes are typically assigned to the temple at any time, but rarely stay long.

Talasek Thraydin is a paladin of Tempus who helps Ezekiel train young warriors in the way of the sword, but does not live in the Monastery.

In addition to these four, the temple is also protected by specially bred guard dogs called weisshunds. Weisshunds are large white shaggy hounds who seem to only sleep, eat and seek human attention. The few thieves that have targeted the Monastery have also found that the Weisshunds are an effective alarm system when confronted, are well-trained, and have jaws which are hard to escape when held.

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