Mu-Tahn Laa

The demon lord who brought Slaughtergarde into the material plane in Vaasa was called Mu-Tahn Laa by pentradrone 1298. Nothing else is known about this figure at this point.


Finding an image of the demon lord, some new details became clear after investigating the Slaughtergarde Temple.

It seemed that Mu-Tahn Laa was the demon lord of dark or corrupted sorcery and was responsible for the creation of Blackfire, which can temporarily rend the Veil between worlds. The Blackfire Adepts use Blackfire to summon demons from the Abyss without spellcasting, and the demons called seem to be non-hostile to the Adepts.

There are mentions of Dark Lightning as well in some of the records of Slaughtergarde, no one knows if there are other corruptions of Mu-Tahn Laa’s out there.

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Mu-Tahn Laa

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