Muddy Boots and Bloody Blades


Muddy Boots and Bloody Blades is located on the ground floor of the Northern Vaasan Gate. The interior is roughly twenty feet tall, with a balcony twelve-feet up, making the balcony level fairly private. The inn comes alive in the morning, as adventuring parties partake of free food and the chance to get assignments off The Board. It dies down during the afternoon and booms with renewed activity as the sun goes down and remains busy into the small hours of the morning. The clientele consists of two disparate groups, adventurers looking for cheap drinks, good atmosphere and adventuring opportunities and merchants looking for a safe haven before making the trip into or returning from Vaasa. Muddy Boots provides the former in quantity, for its proprietor, Talmuth Vidari overtly encourages enthusiastic drinking and carousing. Weapons and armor are allowed (and a wise precaution).


The following schedule overview provides a quick summary of Muddy Boots’ temporal mood swings.
7 a.m.The Board
7:30 a.m. – Cleanup and preparation
11 a.m. – Lunch
5 p.m. – Dinner (inn usually about one-quarter full)
8 p.m. – Wenta’s boon (two-for-one drinks for an hour)
10 p.m. – Evening rush
3 a.m. – The diehards and the dead drunk

Muddy Boots and Bloody Blades changes its character several times throughout the day, as different types of patrons arrive seeking different types of experiences.

Early morning finds the staff and a few patrons recovering from the festivities of the previous night as Telmuth calls the jobs out from “The Board”. A few lodgers gather for a mediocre breakfast (served buffet style) while the servers scrub the bar and tables, clean the floor, and help prepare the day’s menu.

Lunch is even less popular than breakfast, for by midday most of the lodgers have left the inn for business elsewhere in the city.

Business begins to pick up at dinnertime, with many local merchants stopping by on their way home from work to enjoy a cold beverage and perhaps a warm plate of food. By 8 p.m. the evening crowd has started to arrive, and anyone respectable lingering from dinner makes a swift retreat. The mood grows more and more festive as the night goes on. By the early morning hours, any customers remaining in the taproom are either asleep, inebriated, or somewhere in between.

The Muddy Boots’ Staff

Telmuth supports a staff of eight, four of whom are on duty at any one time. In addition, Telmuth’s wife Florence maintains the books and his very spoiled daughter Clarissa occasionally helps serve drinks.

Telmuth Vidari (“owner,” proprietor)

The tall, gruffly handsome man looks about a decade younger than his sixty-one years. He wears his thick black hair cut short, and he dresses fashionably but not ostentatiously.

Gulthen (bartender, evening)

A friendly, bald man with muscular forearms, Gulthen serves his customers with an open ear and generous pours for good tippers.

Dendra (bartender, day)

A thin, sarcastic woman with gray hair tied back by a multicolored cord, Dendra doesn’t care for small talk with customers.

Tolenn Tolan (cook)

This dark-skinned cook speaks with a thick accent from Calimshan, several hundred miles to the southeast. Fiercely proud, Tolan brooks no complaints about his cooking and frequently emerges from the kitchen to berate disrespectful customers.

Mevissin (cook)

Mevissin has worked for Vidari almost a decade, sticking with him through good times and bad.

Bethel (barmaid)

Competent and dedicated to her simple duties, Bethel is the newest of Telmuth’s staff, and hence is saddled with the earliest, least lucrative shifts and is responsible for cleaning the place in the morning.

Birgit (barmaid)

Chatty and exuberant to a fault, the pale-skinned, round-faced Birgit thinks of herself as a friend of regular patrons, making a point to remember their names and favorite orders.

Lindara (barmaid)

Vidari plucked Lindara from Heliogabalus. The intelligent, beautiful woman vastly prefers her new job to the old, not least because she is free to slap customers who offend her.

Evessa Gale (barmaid)

A quick tongue and a good eye for trouble have kept the red-haired half-elf Evessa Gale in business at Muddy Boots since its first day of operation.

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Muddy Boots and Bloody Blades

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