Capital: Bildoobaris (summer only)
Language: Damaran (Dethek Alphabet)
Government: Tribal
Religions: Lathander, Tempus, Waukeen
Imports: Clothing, jewelry
Exports: Horses

A country where only the strong survive, Narfell is a land of infertile soil that supports only scraggly grass. The people of Narfell are tribal folk called the Nars, fierce horse-riders who believe that all people are judged by their actions. Their motto, “Deed, not blood,” shows their disregard for those who expect deference because of “noble” birth. Some of the tribes arc hostile to outsiders, but all set aside their differences once a year for their great trademeet.

In addition to the riders, Narfell is home to tundra yeti and hordes of hobgoblins in the mountains. Ancient Narfell was a powerful, wizard-ruled state that was destroyed in wars against the now-fallen empire of Raumathar. The barbaric folk living here today remember little of their civilized past, but the Nars occasionally find buried cities within their land, each containing great items of battle-magic.

Life and Society

This dry, flat grassland is home to vast herds of reindeer and wild oxen—and the nomadic horsefolk who feast on them. The Nars move with their food, erecting “waymeets" (temporary tent villages) wherever nightfall finds them. They gather annually at Bildoobaris for a tenday-long Trade Fair to meet outlander merchants in a massive tent city.

At the Trade Fair, the twenty-seven Nar tribes determine common policy for external matters such as wars and meet with outlander trade delegations During the rest of the year, fast riding messengers maintain communications between tribal chiefs as needed.

The Nars are loosely united in a tribal council led by the largest tribe, Harthgroth. The Harthgroth, who can muster four thousand riders under the grizzled old warrior Thalaman Harthgroth, regard outlanders as sources of trade-wealth rather than foes to be robbed or slam. Other tribes are far more hostile – notably the Creel, who attack outlanders and other Nars on sight. The Var tribe, however, welcomes outlanders, and its people strive to become more like them. The Dag Nost are as civilized as folk in Impiltur.

War tribes don’t use badges, uniforms, specific colors, or identifying banners. An outlander who doesn’t look like a Nar – tanned skin, long black hair braided in a horsetail, gaudy clothes, superbly skilled at riding – always travels in peril. Nar horses are tall, tough, strong, and can endure great hardship. They are the chief wealth and primary trade-goods among the Nars, who love to barter and buy, having a weakness (the men in particular) for jewelry and bright colored clothing.

Major Geographical Features

The flat plains of Narfell boast few features of note. More lies under the surface, however, including remnants of the ancient empire that once thrived here.
Icelace Lake

Important Sites

The “cities” of Narfell consist primarily of simple towns where the nomads congregate.

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