Organizations of the Bloodstone Lands

Organizations in the Bloodstone Lands

The following groups are some of the most powerful organizations in the Bloodstone Lands, but this is not an exhaustive list.

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List of Bloodstone Organizations

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Adventuring Companies

The Talebringers

Riding the farmlands of Damara, the Talebringers are accepted and well treated wherever they go. They roam the lands of Damara taking quests from the common folk. They support a unified Damara under Gareth, but do not work for the King or his companions. While not welcomed by the rulers of Arcata, Morov or Ostel, they enjoy wide-spread support from the common folk of Damara. The Talebringers are developing into a wide-spread adventuring network with a base in each province (i.e. the Talebringers of Sorovia, etc.). How openly they act varies in each province, with it operating much like a secret society in Ostel and Morov (including Heliogabalus).

The Kneebreakers

One of the more interesting traveling bands in the Bloodstone Lands is the Kneebreakers. Started as a band of halflings from Halfling Downs in southern Damara, the dozen rowdies who make up the Kneebreakers charge across the countryside on saddled war-boars. The group has expanded to include some gnomes as well as hin and focuses on showing the big-folk just what the little folk are capable of.

Weird Wingham’s

A wandering troupe based out of Palischuk, Weird Wingham’s Wacky Weapon Wielders travel throughout southern Vaasa and northern Damara. Their collection of unique and unusual weapons gives the band its name. The members trade for weapons and tales, and put on shows. Initially composed of all half-orcs, the troupe now accepts anyone who wishes to master “weird and wacky” weapons

Thunkers of the Thunkers

The Thunkers of the Thunkers started as an odd band of five hardy adventurers led by the dwarven brothers Hurl and Burl, who came into the Bloodstone Lands recently. For the last six years, the group has wandered across the land, seeking adventure and fun and leaving hundreds of dead monsters, particularly giants, in their wake. They now accept new members, all the better to defeat the monsters of the lands. They took the name Thunkers of the Thunkers after hearing of the giant organization known as the Thunkers operating in Vaasa.

Arcane Guilds

Magician’s Guild of Heliogabalus

The Magician’s Guild of Heliogabalus is the center of arcane study in the Bloodstone Lands. The goals of the build are to regulate the teaching and use of magic and increase the acceptance and study of magic in a land where mages are frowned upon. They also seek to become one of the primary repositories of lore and study in Damara.

The Gray College

Founded by Emelyn the Gray, companion of King Gareth Dragonsbane, the Gray College is based in Bloodstone City and focuses on planar studies and planar threats. They teach their members to recognize study and combat threats to the material plane from outsiders.


Order of the Yellow Rose

Also known as the Citadel of the White Worm, the Monastery of the Yellow Rose was founded before either Vaasa or Damara. The monks who established the monastery more than a thousand years ago crossed over land that would become Damara when that unborn nation was still overlain by the Great Glacier.

Their order is devoted to the Triad, but accept all those who seek wisdom providing they hold no evil in their hearts. These fanatical devotees sought the most inhospitable and difficult region they could find as the place to locate their temple. Not surprisingly, they eventually came to the highest peaks of the Earthspur Mountains.

Paladin Orders

Order of the Golden Cup

The paladin order of Gareth Dragonsbane, the Order of the Golden Cup is dedicated to stamping out the influence of fiends on the material plane. Paladins of the order travel the lands investigating the appearance and trying to uncover plots that originate from the lower planes. They often combat other evils in their travels. While some members of the order have been known to get a bit overzealous, their reputation is generally positive.

Heralds of Imphras II (in Impiltur)

The Knights of Imphras II is an elite order of paladins and clerics who pledge fealty to the crown of Impiltur and dedicate their lives to the defense of the Realm of the Sword and the Wand. The Most Holy Order of the Sacred Shrike, as the order is formally known, is composed of holy warriors of the Triad (Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater) who specialize in hunting down and destroying fi ends and other buried legacies of ancient Narfell.

Rogues-Thieves Guilds

Citadel of Assassins

Hidden in the most difficult terrain of the unconquerable Galenas is the dreaded Citadel of Assassins. Somewhere between Bloodstone Valley and Ironspur, this infamous organization has made its home base. Like the proverbial bad habit, this bastion of wickedness and its foul adherents seem unconquerable. Twice the assassins have been routed; twice its troops have been cut down, and the survivors sent scampering into the mountains. Even the Citadel itself was blasted. But the assassins, and their home base, have returned.

A new Citadel was built somewhere in the same general vicinity as the old. Rumors say that parts of the old building were magically transported to the site of the new. The Grandfather of Assassins is no fool, either. By observing how his fortress was thrown down by Gareth and his friends, he learned from earlier mistakes.


An upstart guild whose stated mission is to free Damara from the tyranny of Tightpurse. The leaders of the Silverblades wish to replace Tightpurse as the pre-eminent guild in the Bloodstone Lands.


The Barony of Bloodstone’s scouting network has quickly become the envy of all the power groups in the Bloodstone Lands. Because of this organization, Gareth Dragonsbane is undoubtedly the best-informed leader in Damara, with a considerable edge over his rivals.


Tightpurse is the most powerful thieves’ guild in the Bloodstone Lands. The guild has been around longer than the Kingdom of Damara, a natural human reaction to the wealth represented by the merchants who flocked into the area to deal for bloodstone bars.

Housed in Heliogabalus, this underground society numbers several hundred, with branch organizations operating in every major Damaran city except Bloodstone City. There is even an associated group in Sarshel in the Kingdom of Impiltur. The rumors imply that every Damaran town and village houses at least one scout who owes allegiance to the guild.

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Organizations of the Bloodstone Lands

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