Plants and Fungi


Geography: Temperate and tropical swamps
Identify Check: DC 15
Value: 10 gold per pound

Resembling actual corn, but in far miniature, the plants generally grow on the edges of swamps and other humid areas. Unlike corn, it is overly difficult to cultivate and farm, which attributes to the rarity of the plant.

Upon ripening, small ears of violet and coal colored corn stand upon the tips of the plant stalks. Eating the kernels provides a bitter taste to those willing to try it. However, the vegetable is prized not for eating, but for making a sweet alcohol called Blackcorn Whiskey that has a strong flavor of plums.

Butterspice Weed

Geography: Northern Faerun
Identify Check: DC 9

A short leafy plant, the top sprouts large yellow flowers upon reaching maturity. The plant is quite hardy and can grow in a surprising wide variety of places.

The most renown quality of the plant is that the leaves can be harvested and cured, becoming crumbly brown flakes which can be smoked. It is quite well known among halflings, which often grow it in small patches along with other crops. Those that smoke the weed claim that it has a smooth spicy flavor.


Geography: Underdark and Subterranean locations
Identify Check: DC 12

A large gray mushroom which grow to almost a foot tall, graystalks have very few useful properties. Graystalks grow best in offal and carrion. One fully-grown graystalk provides a day’s nutrition, but it comes with some serious side-effects. Eaten raw, graystalks are slightly poisonous, resulting in nausea. The creature who eats a graystalk must make a DC 12 Constitution check or be sickened for 24 hours. A person sickened by graystalk has vivid nightmares and gains no benefits to sleep. However, in the Underdark, sometimes the choice is dying from starvation or eating a graystalk.

Graystalks produce a peculiar odor which actually drives away some underdark predators. It is well-known that carrion crawlers won’t approach a stand of graystalks unless provoked and caverns with an abundance of graystalks tend to be predator-free, an unusual find in the Underdark.

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Plants and Fungi

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