Races of the Bloodstone Lands

Races of the Bloodstone Lands


Approximately 87% of the people inhabiting the Bloodstone Lands are human. Damaran humans make up the primary ethnicity of Damara, Impiltur, Thesk and the Vast. Damarans are of moderate height and build, with skin hues ranging from tawny to fair. Hair is usually straight brown or black, although sandy blond is not unknown. Eye color varies widely, with brown being most common. The primary language in Damara, Vaasa, Narfell and Impiltur is Damaran, though most of the people are taught the common tongue in order to interact with outsiders.


The dwarves have existed under the Galena and Earthfast Mountains far longer than the humans have settled above. Major settlements of Drwaves include Ironspur located in the Galenas of northern Damara, Hillsafar Hill south of Darmshall in Vaasa and Clan Orothiar in Bloodstone Pass. Other clanholds exist, while a good number of dwarves inhabit the human cities and towns of Damara. Approximately 6% of the population of the Bloodstone lands are dwarven.

Beneath the Galenas, the Duergar toil in cities of their own creation.

Hin (Halflings)

Representing about 4% of the population, halflings (or Hin as they call themselves) are primarily based in Halfling Downs, a fertile stretch of rolling farmland in the Duchy of Carmathan. Another settlement of Hin are located in the Waukeshire inside Bloodstone Vale and participate in the safety of the Vale as part of the Alliance of Belt Watchers. Most of the Hin have blended into human communities.


Half-orcs represent about 2% of the population in the Bloodstone Lands. Once considered brutes and thugs, the half-orcs of the region have come together in the Vaasan community of Palischuk. This unusual community is predominately half-orcish, and strives to make a name for themselves and their race. They have reached out to the other communities in the region, who have accepted the overtures of the half-orcs, but still regard them warily.
Half-orcs are found across the region as well, usually as a result of orcish raiding and rape. Many of these half-orcs are accepted by their communities, but others are not so fortunate. Some become the monsters that the humans expect of them, while others make their way to Palischuk to start a new life.


Elves are rare in the Bloodstone Lands, but two enclaves of significance are present in the lands.

South of the Duchy of Carmathan lies the Earthwood Forest. The Earthwood is sacred to Rillifane Rallathil and is protected by the Elven God. Human attempts to clear any part of the Earthwood results in the forest growing back overnight. Four clans of Copper (Wood) Elves make their home in the Earthwood. They live in small, secluded communities, usually in hidden tree homes 30-50 feet above the forest floor. Clan Sherendyl is known for producing the finest warriors, while Meldarin are known for their bowmanship. Fealefel focuses on the arcane, while Enlanefel are most in tune with the natural world. Though Clan Enlanefel is the smallest, they are deferred to by the other clans. The high priests of Rillifane, who protect the Earthwood, are all Enlanefel.

The second enclave of elves is a hidden community in the northern Rawlingswood where that vast wood touches the Giantspire Mountains, due east of Trailsend. This hidden realm of Myth Telvondial is a community of Sun Elves and Moon Elves who work tirelessly to combat the influence of the Nentyarch, the Ancient Nar Mage of Dun-Tharos. No outsiders are allowed to know the location of Telvondial, though occasionally the elves bring rescued outsiders into the city. Such “visitors” are usually required to stay, or have their memories of the ways into the city erased.

The drow also have a city located deep below the Galenas, though the name of the city hasn’t yet made it to the surface.

Other Races
Gnomes can be found living amidst the other races, and a small community of forest gnomes reside in the Earthwood alongside their Copper Elf neighbors, while families of Rock gnomes can be found in the dwarven clanholds. Svirneblin have their own communities under the Galenas, where they work tirelessly against their drow and duergar neighbors.

The plane-touched races rarely exist in numbers approaching a community. Tielflings, Aasimar, and Genasi families or travelers can be found in some communities. The same holds true for the Dragonborn, who have just recently been stranded in Faerun, some say from Toril’s counterpart, the world of Abeir.

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Races of the Bloodstone Lands

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