Population: 3,500

Ravensburg, capital of Carmathan, faces a dilemma similar to Praka’s: the Duke of Carmathan, Theodorus, is not loved. Now formally named Helmont the 15th, Theodorus has used misinformation to deflect any outward signs of that hatred, but the people are unhappy nevertheless.

In fact, the Carmathans are unhappy with the whole lot of would-be rulers. Gulled by the web of their Duke’s constant lies, they distrust Gareth Dragonsbane and his proposed Kingdom of Bloodstone. Yet, for all that the people dislike Theodorus, they hate Dimian Ree even more.

So today Ravensburg is a city of intrigue and whispers. Agents of Dimian Ree and Gareth Dragonsbane stalk the alleys, spreading their tales to anyone who will listen. The monks of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose are said to be closely investigating Theodorus’ claim to the duchy. Like Ostel, Carmathan is a proud and noble province with a long history of loyalty to the old Damaran kingdom. The people are determined to do the right thing—if they can find out what it is!

Beyond the intrigue, day-to-day Ravensburg devotes much of its energy to warehousing the produce from surrounding farms. Like Kinbrace in Soravia, which has a similar economic slant, Ravensburg’s long, low warehouses sprawl over many square miles. The city proper bustles with tradesmen, mostly leatherworkers and metalworkers crafting farming equipment.

Ravensburg hosts a well-known springtime horse market. A huge equine breed known as the Carmathan Red, or the Carmathan Horse-Ox, is dealt almost exclusively during this fair. The reputation of the Carmathan Red is that of an exceptionally strong and durable plowhorse, and the beasts have been favored by farmers throughout the Bloodstone Lands for a long time. The horses were starting to draw interest from traders and farmers all along the Sea of Fallen Stars until Zhengyi’s wars isolated Damara. As conditions have stabilized, that interest has been rekindling.

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