Sanctum of the Stainless Soul


The Sanctum of the Stainless Soul is a large temple compound to the Triad in the Hill District of Heliogabalus. Situated on a small hillock and surrounded by a curtain wall, the Sanctum is a fortress unto itself. Those entering the gates enter the training yard, where squires and aspiring paladins train under the supervision of experienced paladins and knights of the Triad. The training yard is flanked by a smithy and a stable. A large central building houses the chapel, meeting rooms, armory, and dining halls of the temple, while a small outbuilding function as quarters for those visiting the sanctum along with squires and acolytes.

The Knight Commander is Jaida Aldane, a paladin of Tyr who fought in the wars against Zhengyi. She returned to the city after Zhengyi’s defeat. While Baron Ree has attempted to tarnish her reputation, Jaida has earned the trust and admiration of the people in the Hill District and the city. The fact that she is thoroughly dedicated to King Dragonsbane and the Triad, has the love and respect of most residents of the Hill (if not the whole city), and that she commands a formidable fortress within the city walls is not lost on Baron Ree, who has since chosen to ignore the Knight Commander.

Next door is the chapterhouse of the Order of the Golden Cup, the paladin order that King Dragonsbane belongs to. The chapterhouse is an updated manorhouse, where knights visiting the city stay in comfort, but the Sanctum is where those very same knights pray and train.

As Patriarch Jowett of the Cathedral of All Men in the Old Quarter declines, the Church of the Triad in Heliogabalus seems to be teetering. Jowett’s two prelates, Magdal Dycote and Alfric Oderbry are at odds over the direction of the church, and while Jowett favors Magdel slightly, neither seems to be ready to lead the flock. Jaida may find that the worshipers of the Triad look to her for new leadership.

Sanctum of the Stainless Soul

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