The Adventurers Rest Inn

Located conveniently close to the south gate of Heliogabalus, the Adventurer’s Rest has long been a favorite inn of choice for travelers. The ample number of private rooms are excellent for conducting private business, and provide discrete meeting areas for persons wishing to preserve their anonymity. It is precisely these features, however, that have appealed to an ever-growing clientele of adventurers.

To either side of the double doors leading into the Adventurer’s Rest are glass paned windows that reach nearly from floor to ceiling, revealing tiny alcoves that display highly polished suits of full plate armor. Guests enter into an outer antechamber, where they fall under the immediate scrutiny of two guards clad in chain shirt armor and armed with short swords. Beyond the sentries, a carved archway opens into the main dining room.

Games of chance, particularly cards and similar games involving great concentration, are common among patrons.



Long bench tables are artfully arranged around a central fire pit, and a number of doorways lead into private dining rooms. The ceiling soars upward to the roof high above, and the second floor balcony rings the entire dining hall.

Hanging pots filled with blooming flowers grace the lower walls, their sweet fragrance intended to mask the underlying musky odor. A large iron cage dominates the northeast corner of the hall, and is the obvious center attraction for the inn.

Within the cage, a magnificent black panther paces a brick floor warmed by a thick carpet of straw, rushes, and leaves. A single wooden door in the rear of the cage permits access, but guests are never allowed near it. Patrons attempting to antagonize the panther are immediately removed without exception by the owner and guards, and asked not to return.

To the left of the cage is a bar manned by the inn’s half-elven owner, Dennic Broadleaf. An immaculate dresser, Dennic greets guests in a rich, baritone voice, and serves drinks with names such as White Flower Wine, Pulp of Orange, and Morning’s Dew.

Two single rooms and eight doubles take up the second floor and are available for rent. The single rooms are available for 7 sp each per night, while the doubles rent out for 12 sp per night.

Ten single rooms and two double rooms take up the third floor. The third floor is the quietest, and the single beds are larger. Each of the singles are available for 10 sp per night, while the doubles rent out for 15 sp per night. Customers who don’t mind “doubling up” sometimes rent a third floor single and share the bed.

The Adventurer’s Rest also rents out private chambers for 5 sp per hour. These chambers are off the main tavern and are screened against eavesdropping or other spying. For an additional 5 sp per hour, cheeses, breads and other snack foods are brought for the assembled guests.

Owner and Ostler

Dennic Broadleaf
Dennic is a retired adventurer, a bard by profession, as evidenced in the poetry of his words. If asked about the panther, he will politely explain that it’s a showpiece, and nothing more.

Dennic is tall and lean, with locks of silvery blond hair gathered in a neat ponytail, and pointed ears that reveal his mixed heritage. He dresses in muted colors of silver and black, and keeps an expensive rapier buckled at his side. Dennic often provides the evening entertainment at the inn, playing his favorite lute or recounting the latest daring exploits that his adventuring patrons have shared with him.


Food and Spirits

Ales 3 sp/mug
Common Wines such as White Flower Wine, Pulp of Orange, and Morning’s Dew cost 3 sp per pitcher
Fine Wines are usually priced between 80 – 120 sp per bottle. Note: The Adventurer’s Rest has a full wine cellar including the famous Thayvian Reds and Chessenta Whites
Meals average 8 sp/meal and often feature rich meats such as lamb or venison with gravies, hot biscuits or breads, cheeses, and a dessert (Dennic is fond of pies)

Rooms and Lodging

First Floor

Private Rooms 5 sp per hour
Add 5 sp per hour for cheeses, breads and snacks

Second Floor

Single Rooms: 7 sp/night
Doubles: 12 sp/night

Third Floor

Single Rooms: 10 sp/night
Doubles: 15 sp/night

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The Adventurers Rest Inn

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