The Adventurers Rest Inn

The Adventurer’s Rest Inn is an unpretentious spot that makes up for its lack of elegance with a relaxed atmosphere and numerous loyal customers. The proprietor, Barley Trowbridge, is fully occupied with running the business. Games of chance, particularly cards and similar games involving great concentration, are common among patrons. Six single rooms, 2 doubles and 4 suites take up each of the second and third floors and are available for rent. The front tower of this building, shaped and painted like a pointed wizard’s hat, has three floors, which house Eric and his staff.

The Adventurer’s Rest also rents out private chambers for 5 sp per hour. These chambers are off the main tavern and are screened against eavesdropping or other spying. For an additional 5 sp per hour, cheeses, breads and other snack foods are brought for the assembled guests.


Barley Trowbridge, Innkeep and proprietor
“Welcome to my inn! Relax by the fire while I fetch you spiced ale. Tell me a tale and the drinks on me.”

Alyssa Trowbridge, Barley’s daughter, and frustrated future adventurer
“I’ve never been on an adventure before. Will you take me on one?”

Tansy and Bardon Oakbarrel, chief cooks
Lavarna Minstrel with bright green eyes
Hansril: Barkeep
Ellyna, Koren, Eltosh, Trela and Ingrid: serving staff


Ales (3 sp/mug)
Wines (average 12 gp per bottle). Note: The Adventurer’s Rest has a full wine cellar including the famous Thayvian Reds and Chessenta Whites
Meals (average 1 gp/meal)

Single Rooms: 6 sp/night
Doubles: 15 sp/night
Suites: 12 gp/night (sleeps 8 in comfort)

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The Adventurers Rest Inn

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