The Board

The Board is a “jobs” board in Muddy Boots and Bloody Blades. Adventuring parties place their names on the Board and each morning Telmuth runs through various adventuring opportunities that he has available. The first adventuring group on the board can choose to accept or pass the opportunity, then they move onto the next job.

While the selections seem random, Telmuth was a soldier and adventurer for over twenty years and he rarely gives a party a job he doesn’t think their ready for. He spends a lot of time in the evenings listening to the groups on the board banter about their successes, often going from table to table getting “his” groups to expound on things he finds interesting.

The current adventuring parties “on the board” are:
Auric’s Warband
Snow Leopards
Chuklo’s Ravens
Varmint Patrol
The Magnificent Seven

The opportunities available on The Board come from a variety of sources. Telmuth’s old boss, Riordan Parnell leads Spysong, and some of the jobs come from his operatives in Vaasa who spy something unusual, or something that bears further investigation. Watchers from The Monastery of the Yellow Rose wander Vaasa and will often leave an interesting job or opportunity at Muddy Boots. Merchants braving Vaasa may ask for additional guards or help, especially when the trip is a long one. Even adventurers will sometimes see an opportunity they can’t or won’t follow up on, and give the lead to Telmuth.

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The Board

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