The Dimension Door Inn

The sign over the door depicts a wizard stepping through a large hole in the air (the hole in the air glows brighter at night). The Dimension Door caters to wizards, sages and academics. During certain times of the year, the inn can become quite busy and hence chronically understaffed. The tavern is well-maintained and the service is good, if a bit slow.

There is an interesting tradition among regular patrons that serves as a unique form of entertainment for others at the tavern: wizards sometimes enjoy duels of illusionary magic, trying to best each other with illusionary musicians, actors, kinetic art, beast, gladiators and other displays of arcane skill.

The tavern owner, Nessie Angelthorn has many contacts among in the South End, her husband is Captain of the Militia, and she is a lay worshiper in the Open Spellbook, leading worshipers in prayers to Mystra. She knows every member of the Magician’s Guild by name, and she can usually point people in the right direction when looking for specific types of information.

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The Dimension Door Inn

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