The Seldrinar


Alabaster pillars frame a large open archway into this pristine temple. While the outside is stained with soot from the city, inside every surface is clean and gleaming. Seldrinar is a Temple dedicated to the Seldarine. The name in elvish translates to “place of the Seldarine”. Passing the pillars into the Garden of Rillifane, the noise of the city dims considerably, likely by magic. This may be one of the few places in the city where birds come to roost and sing. The hawkers from Sam’s Market, the White Vine Winery and the public well sound distant, almost like background noise.

Araegisess Marindyl Truesword of Corellon, Great Protector of the faith leads the Temple. Elves don’t regularly gather to pray, and the temple sometimes seems more like a social club for the elves of Heliogabalus.

Assisting Marindyl in his work is Historian Faelyn of Labelas. Historian Faelyn is the keeper of the temple library, which includes the names of many of the elves living in Heliogabalus and as many of their stories as possible. Dallen of Sehanine is called upon in the rare case of an elven death. While Faelyn and Dallen accept Marindyl’s leadership of the temple, both priests have followings of their own.

Between two to five novices cycle in and out of the temple’s service, some novices are sent to the city as part of their study to live among humans for a time and learn something of their ways, many return to the elven homelands distraught by what they witnessed in the city.

The second floor of the temple is taller in the center with fairly low ceilings at the ends of the crescents. The third floor apartments only span the middle of the moon, with low storage on either end.

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The Seldrinar

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