Population: 8,000

One of the mightiest fortresses in the Bloodstone Lands, Trailsend is Polten’s capital. The huge castle in the city’s center was one of the earliest buildings in Damara, constructed by the associates of Feldrin Bloodfeathers. Donlevy the Young sits in the ruler’s seat today.

For many years, Praka and Trailsend were sister cities. Facing each other across the mouth of the Great Imphras River at the southern shore of Lake Mogador, Trailsend provided the muscle protecting Praka’s artisans. Today, the two cities go their separate ways. The Barony of Polten has pulled out of its alliance with Ostel and Morov, and Donlevy the Young has no love for Baroness Sylvia ruling across the water in Praka.

As Trailsend is usually the first city that visitors to Damara see, several businesses cater solely to finding unusual employment for adventurers.


Who Rules: Donlevy (the Young) BelMaris, 20th Baron of Polten. Donlevy the Young is a 22 year old man who was sent into hiding in Tellerth when Zhengyi started moving against Damara. Now that order has been restored, he has returned to his capital and started his reign as Baron.

Zorth BelMaris, placed in the Baronial seat by Zhengyi still advises his second cousin, and many of his people still hold seats in the government. While many are concerned for the continuing health of the young baron, Zorth knows he is being watched by the new lords of Damara, and if Donlevy were to suddenly die, Zorth’s time would be up as well.

Town Guard

Leader: Captain Bariss Carstellan is the leader of the baronial forces, who function as the town guard in addition to patrolling the barony. An elderly man, Bariss is grooming his two sons, Jarrik and Thrann to lead the baron’s forces when he steps down. Jarrik and Thrann take turns as Donlevy’s bodyguard, and the three young men get along well.

Trailsend Garrison: The moldering stones of this small castle are technically one of the highest point in Trailsend, but the winding city streets and tightly packed buildings mean that residents can’t see the keep unless they’re right next to the rocky hill it sits atop. The keep is a quiet, disciplined place—quite a contrast to the bustle of the city.

At any given time, the keep is home to about 100 soldiers under the command of Captain Carstellan. Another 200 soldiers are elsewhere in the Barony, training and patrolling the borders.

Main Industries

Trailsend is the first city that most foreigners see as they enter Damara, and the merchant trains and caravans coming up from Impiltur are the lifeblood of the city. From here, goods are shipped overland, or by Lake Mogodor, to Heliogabalus and the other province capitals.

Important People

Ephran the Skinny, Purveyor of Wonders. Ephran is an eccentric wizard (or sorcerer) who frequently closes his doors and wanders Damara and Impiltur. He has collected many wonders in his travels, which he hands out to selected individuals. He is suffering from a curse that causes his width to shrink, and looks extremely thin. If asked, he speaks about discovering the dominion of the “stick-men” on the Astral Sea.

Chendrea the White. Female half-elf wizard: Chendrea is the city’s best-known arcanist and local guildmaster of the Trailsend Magician’s Guild. An ivory-haired grandmotherly type, Chendrea is known for her blunt manner.

Old Man Shiggetam. Male monk: Owner and frequent bartender at the Sly Wink, Old Man Shiggetam is a friendly face and occasional information source. As a youth, Shiggetam was a monk at one of the monasteries that dabbled in ale production. Over time, he found that he liked ale too much and meditation too little. Shiggetam is reluctant to talk about his past.

Vintra Marktunsel. Female halfling: A Guiildmaster in the Chicane Guild of spice merchants.

Temples and Shrines

18. Triad’s Calling. High Priestess Bryanuur (human female cleric). Triad’s Calling Is a grand temple in the southwest quarter of Trailsend. It contains altars to Tyr, Torm and Ilmater, and houses the local branch of the Order of the Golden Cup. High Priestess Bryanuur is known to be able to raise the recently dead.

Kindly Ollary: A priest of Ilmater not affiliated with Triad’s Calling, Ollary wanders Pious Way, caring for and healing the poor and indigent.

17. Temple of the Coinmistress. High Priest Vultram (half-elf male cleric). The Temple to Waukeen is just south of the Trailsend Marketplace. Vultram insists on expensive “offerings” for his temples services, and the temple is grand in its display of wealth. The outer nave hosts a bulletin board for traders, caravans and merchants and helps to increase trade for the city.

45. Hunter’s Home. Trailsend’s House of Nature, Hunter’s Home is frequented by visitors from Tellerth. Hunter Klygan Ladlach (elderly human male cleric of Mielikki) tends the temple now that he is unable to travel the wilds.

Guilds or Major Organizations

36. The Trailsend Magician’s Guild. If the PCs need rare material components, a quiet place to craft magic items, or information about strange magic they’ve encountered, someone will undoubtedly point them Chendrea’s way. Less than a dozen mages belong to the Trailsend branch.

9. Chicane Guildhouse: The Chicane Guild is the business end of the largest of the three major halfling clans—the Marktunsels. It runs dozens of barges and boats up and down Lake Mogodor between Trailsend and the cities around the lake, and runs caravans up and down the trade road into Impiltur and beyond.

The guildhouse had humble beginnings as a shack on one of the city’s main thoroughfares, then grew to a warehouse. It finally became a full-fledged mercantile fortress. Onlookers compare the bulbous business to a spider’s body, with the guild’s many private piers looking like legs. Those who have been inside say that the guildhouse is like a labyrinth, the result of a hundred small additions made by architects indifferent or hostile to one another’s work.

The Marktunsel hin clan run the Chicane Guild, a merchants guild specializing in spices and herbs with branches in Heliogabalus, Impiltur, and Thesk. Guildmaster (mistress?) Vintra Marktunsel splits her time between Trailsend and Heliogabalus, although she calls Polten home.

4. Blue Handclasp: Trailsend has temples to major religions along Pious Way, but in their shadows stand the old monasteries that first brought people of faith to Damara. Many of the monasteries are justly famous for their spiced ale, even though the secular breweries are responsible for the bulk of the city’s output. The Blue Handclasp was one of those ale-producing monasteries, but it gave up its casks long ago. Now it’s known as a place to study esoteric, meditative disciplines—studies that have self-defense applications. The blue-gloved monks of the monastery are unfailingly polite when traveling around the city on Blue Handclasp business, but more than one ruffian has learned that the monks’ abstract studies have very concrete and very painful applications.

Inns and Taverns

2. Trail’s Rest. Boardinghouse. Trail’s Rest is a huge boardinghouse that features good food and rooms for caravan drivers. Many rooms have multiple beds and bunks and are rented by caravan masters for their crew.

3. The Bloody Nose: Tavern. A local dive favored by caravaneers who have spent too long on the road. The Bloody Nose is cheap, loud, and boisterous. Several bouncers circulate among the crowd night and day making sure things don’t get out of hand. The furnishings are solidly made and not easily breakable.

23. Kennick’s: Inn and Tavern. Kennick’s is a huge establishment, which is always crowded. Renting mainly to the caravan masters (who put their crews up in Trail’s Rest), Kennicks is an upscale establishment that most folk can’t afford. Guild merchants looking for the next big score will spend the extra money to eat and drink at Kennick’s, because “it costs money to make money”.

37. Sly Wink: Inn and Tavern. Many of the city’s dozens of alehouses claim to serve “Trailsend’s best ale.” In only one case is that claim true—a nondescript, cozy alehouse on Cooper Street known as the Sly Wink. The proprietor, Old Man Shiggetam, has an arrangement with one of the old ale-brewing monasteries on Pious Way to rent casks. Shiggetam adds a blend of spices that’s a “family secret” to the all he fills the casks with. The result, after proper aging, is ale that delights the senses even as it baffles the palate of the most discerning dwarf.

The Sly Wink is near enough to the docks to attract a rough-and-tumble crowd, but outright brawls and duels are rare. The place has a prominent street sign—one eye open, one eye closed—so it’s easy to find.

Shops and Services

11. Durrik’s Blades: Durrick Grindel (male dwarf smith). None better than Durrick’s is the saying in Trailsend when people are looking for arms and armor. Durrick is originally from Ironspur, but left years ago when he realized that humans paid better. Durrick is so skilled that he is able to craft magical arms and armor, for the right price.

41. Trailsend Surplus: Arly Reins (human male) buys and sells weapons and armor for cheap. He has some skill as a smith and repairs beat up arms, but his claim to fame is cheap but serviceable gear.

21. Justice Street Arms & Armor: Markam Telldrith (human male) specializes in heavy armor and martial weapons. The din of his hammer can be heard a few blocks away. Markam is a huge man, and frequently underestimated as a merchant because of his size.

19. Hinterland Outfitting: A large general store containing traveling gear and supplies, frequented by caravan masters and adventurer’s alike. Also sells oxen, mules, draft and riding horses.

13. Faminestri Supply: Halfling-run caravan equipment and repair; fine rope

33. Pure Reagents of Trailsend. Supplies ale spices, but dabbles in alchemical and herbalism reagents as well.

44. Uthra the Herbalist: Half-orc wise woman (herbalist).

10. Chimera Limited: More of a scratch and dent store, buys and sells oddities.

8. BelMaris Stables: Fine horses brought in from the Baron’s Tellerth horse farm sold at monthly auction; not always available.

43. Therrick the Tamer: Horse breeder capable of training exotic mounts

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