This alliance between the churches of Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater seeks to bring about justice and order in the lives of good folk everywhere. Organizations dedicated to the Triad offer protection and succor to anyone who needs it, and strive to vanquish evil foes. Different groups focus on different aspects of the trio of gods’ portfolios, but they all serve a common cause and work tirelessly to further those aims. The Triad is perhaps the single most powerful force for good in Faerûn, for it is openly spread across every land to one extent or another.

The Gods of the Triad are greater together than any of them alone and are the representation of a just society. Tyr represents the king, who leads with wisdom and dispenses justice as needed. Torm is the King’s Champion, upholding the values of honor and duty and protecting society from all threats. Ilmater represents the common folk, the people who live, work, a play. Those who accept the King’s just commands and support both King and Champion with their labor.

Gods of the Realms

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