Twilight Riders

Every night at sunset, the wizard Myrddin Viligoth dances through the somatics of an enchantment; he catches the last light of day and transforms it into seven magical steeds. Myrddin and his five companions mount up and thunder off, searching for wrongs to right.

These six are the Twilight Riders, emissaries of Gareth Dragonsbane in southern Damara. Their mission is to ride across the southland, helping wherever they may, and spreading the word about the rise of Bloodstone and the proposed kingdom. Even beyond that, they proclaim the return of pride and prosperity to the battered kingdom.

Now and again, their rescues are dramatic and heroic. Overall, though, the Twilight Riders concern themselves as much with little deeds as with great ones. A good night’s work might be finding a lost puppy for a tradesman’s son, or showing a farmer a more productive method of tilling his fields.

The Twilight Riders do not trade good deeds for allegiance. They help wherever help is needed. Only afterward do they speak up, and spread the word to those who wish to hear.

Alongside Myrddin rides the apprentice of Archmage Emelyn the Gray, Gabrielle. The other members of the company include dwarven prince Tamal, the son of tribal chief Tokan of Clan Orothiar; Justin M’Dael, a paladin and long-time friend of Gareth; Tamarin Moonwisher, Justin’s soon-to-be bride and a ranger in her own right; and Agarelth, a nomadic paladin.

Everywhere they’ve passed, they have set the fires of hope burning brightly all across the south.

First, they charged through Arcata, crushing a rogue band of rampaging hill giants.

Then the Riders came through Carmathan, where they destroyed the bulette that had been terrorizing Halfling Downs for months.

And finally they rode into Polten. There, with no more pressure than their presence, the Twilight Riders convinced two bands of highwaymen to see the light and turn their hands to a more respectable calling.

Dimian Ree knows of the Twilight Riders and would pay very well to have them eliminated, but with rumors that a Lord of Impiltur rides among the band, no one would dare to strike at them, not even Ree himself.

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Twilight Riders

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