Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

Into the Breach!

Ches 19, 1373 (Year of Rogue Dragons)

As we break our rest and gird ourselves for the upcoming battles I wisper to Gazlowe to stay hidden in the back and guard the exit tunnel. I’m glad that scythe trap didn’t take his little head off!!

We make our way north as stealthy as possible but luckily for us the noise of a mail clad dwarf is drowned out by the noise of goblins being goblins. A ferocious combat starts with surprise charge by me into the goblins. I lose myself in a battle rage and bury my axe into goblin after goblin. The loud Hin backs up his bragging and levels several goblins while the dwarf warrior cautiously wades into the fray protecting his allies at every turn. Tai and Jynx support the melee combat with bow shots from cover. Rather quickly the goblins are all slaughtered. We find a few more crates for the Guild Mistress, cha ching $

Following the goblins trail deeper into the complex we are caught by surprise in a constrained position on a tight ledge by a rat swarm. The surprise attack leaves Jynx fighting off death and hopefully not filth fever from the rat bites… We fall back and recover.

Once again we try to take another band of goblins by surprise but the jangle of mailed dwarf prevents our ambush from happening but Tai’s timely sleep incantation quickly subdues the goblin squad. After a few axe chops to sleeping goblin skulls we get introduced to Pentadrone- 5-146d. Thankfully for us he senses our noble nature and might be curiously amused by our comedian Shortleaf and acts friendly. This glorious dimensional being of gears and metal tells a wild tale of demonic intrusion and repulsion. He also gives us vital Intel on the remaining goblin menace.

While we try to sneak up on the goblin Boss and his shaman we stumbled into carrion crawler’s den and both Jynx and I are filled by bad luck. Luckily our companions defeat the beast and find healing potions on a partially devoured corpse.

Finally we spring the attack on the Goblin Boss. Our surprise attacks bloody his pet dire wolf. The unexpectedly Jynx abandons the plan and dashes into the room to keep all the glory for himself. Goodbarrel abandons the plan as well and charges into the room as well. Well both receive a lion’s share of glory if glory is measured in wounds received and dealt! By the time we finished off the dire wolf and enter the room. Goodbarrel was standing of the broken body of the goblin boss while Jynx lie battered and cut on the floor. Shortleaf rushed over and administered first aid to save Jynx. We rest up in this library turned lair. Now with a but more strength in us we prepare to finish of the last of this goblin band, this goblin shaman and his “Dark Ones”


Goodbarrel, the Beastmaster and the Direwolf were all put to sleep by my spell and then we slit their throats while they lay unconscious! Why do you leave that part out every-time you tell the story?!? What do you mean it makes the story boring!?! -Tai

Into the Breach!

My dear sir. Songs of your heroics are going to be “Short” if call me by a clan I do not belong to, or the remark of my stature. Poorleaf is the proper clan. However, you may call me Halorin in good company.

Into the Breach!

Who’s Jynx?

Into the Breach!

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