Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

Letters to Caelcormac

I hope this missive finds you and the rest of Clan Meldarin well. My adventures in the city of Helioabulous have been enlightening It has taken time but I believe I have come to understand the nature of the city and its role in the order of things. Still much more to discover but for now I am putting that aside.
I’m I have been conscripted to aid some local merchants in the recovery of some lost shipments. Supposedly taken by some goblins. Together with a band of locals who also have ties to the spice guild that has posted the reward for the recovery of shipments. I have taken to the road. Don’t be surprised if I drop in. Our path brings us close to the Earthspurs and my companions are good folk. Even the dwarf we travel with seems a good fellow..
Keep a weathered eye out for our passage. If I foresee danger to the clan I will send word and mark the path in the ways of our people.

Ever your faithful kin,



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