Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

"What the frack do you mean by DEMON BILE?!?"

“Tai! Hey Tai! Tai, what is this? It burns, it’s angry, I’m angry. My skin, it’s bruising. Poorleaf! I need healing, come here,” shouts the gnomish warrior Ser Buckthorn Beywinn as the Magnificent Seven catch their collective breaths amid the ruined remains of several waves of goblin marauders. Ulfgar the dwarven warrior was dragging the goblin bodies into a pile to be burn while Gazlowe the svirfneblin carefully searched the remains for Intel and treasure. Adept Tai the elven bladesinger and Halorin our hin bard studied the weird putreance on the goblins and Ser Buckthorn. Our hin monk stands guard buy sitting in a lotus position staring into the bubbles of a fresh cup of ale and pondering the omens within them.

“Demon bile, clearly it’s demon bile,” states Adept Tai. “What the frack do you mean by DEMON BILE,” says Ser Buckthorn. Tai proceeds to explain that when a demon is summoned a certain way a ritual sacrifice can also be done to create a pool of Abyssal taint that can corrupt beings. Ulfgar pipes up, “Ya know Tai, when your pretty wizard lady friend asked us back at the Gate to come here to Ostrav to help the Lord Mayor with a goblin problem I didn’t hear either one mention half demon gobo’s in the job description.” Ignoring the dwarf like a professor Tai informs the party, “luckily the demonic slime needs a sufficiently long enough exposure that what gets on you during combat with these infected goblinoids shouldn’t cause long term problems.” The party sets fire to the pile of bodies.

After a few minutes it’s clear that while the goblin bodies burn the demonic ichor resists the blaze and forms a gooey puddle. “I was afraid of that,” sighs Tai, “it’s going to require radiant energies to destroy the bile.” The elf pulls out a parchment and scribe’s a quick note, ""Lord Mayor, By Karlowe’s farm we have defeated some infected goblinoids. We require holy water or an accolyte able smite with radiant energy to truly destroy the infection upon the remains. My owl will carry a return missive with your intentions. Adept Tai"" Tai binds it to his familiar and sends it off to Ostrav. Moments after the owl takes flight, Hung Lo’s head snaps up from his mug, somersaults to his feet, and hisses, “Danger comes, Wolves.”

Three Goblin wolf riders bear down on the heroes from around one of the small hillocks and the snarling wolves howl in relish of the anticipated meal. The Magnificent Seven doesn’t go down so easily. The gnome Knight, dwarven warrior, and hin monk form a block of martial fortitude and hack into the riders and mounts while Tai, Gazlowe, and Halorin harass them from range. After a brief battle the new corpses are added to the pryre. Seeking a short rest the group heads to Karlowe’s farmstead.

As the farmstead comes into view the Magnificent Seven see several hobgoblins menacing the farmstead and to make matters worse the raiders are lead by a boss on a dire wolf. Luckily Gazlowe leads off the combat by firing a crossbow bolt that strikes the leader in the throat. Hobbled by the critical wound the leader falls fairly quickly and dire wolf flees and the remaining hobgoblins are quickly dealt with. With the safety of the farmstead our heroes are optimistic they can take a brief respite to prepare for the next move of this suddenly more complex mission.


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