Heresta Tarlan

Professor of Charms, Enchantments, Herbalism, and Item Lore


Heresta is just passing her middle years. She wears the latest fashions and is never seen without her make-up, which she applies somewhat heavily. Her “girlish” figure is fading.

“Nonsense darling boy! I know you think of me as the most important and beautiful professor in the Academy, after the Archmage, of course.”


Heresta spent much of her youth using her feminine wiles to her advantage. She was the “pretty young thing” on the arms of older mages and was able to use that to study magic, taking a keen interest in charms and enchantments. This area eventually led to an interest in enchanted items. She has been a Professor of Granmalkin Academy for several years now

Heresta is a woman on the decline who refuses to give up her role as the young debutant. She uses charms and enchantments to enhance her looks and figure and to reign in unruly apprentices. She has a few potent magical items that help her in this pursuit.

Motivation: Heresta really just wants to be flattered and put on a pedestal. She wants to live in luxury, without too much effort. If she were more ambitious, her talents could place herself in positions of power, but “that’s too much of a bother, Deary.”

Background: Heresta had humble beginnings. She was born to a local farmstead in one of the small hamlets outside of Heliogabalus. The local wise woman saw potential and the spark of magic in the young girl and took her away from farm chores at a young age to teach her magic. Heresta had a real talent for herbalism, and the mixing of potions. Catching the eyes of an older mage, Heresta son left the hamlet to study magic in the city. A progression of mages taught her much about magic. Now past her prime (though no one says it to her face), she dotes on the attractive young men she now trains and resents the attractive young women.

Heresta Tarlan

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