Isabella Bonespeaker

Nar Shaman, Professor of Planar Lore and Necromancy


Isabella has an attractive figure and strong bearing, often wearing elaborate dresses and skull face paint. She was invited to teach at Granmalkin Academy by Teldon, who saw great potential in an “alternate view” of necromancy for his students to study.

“Yes, come in! There is always room for guests during the ancestor rites.”


Isabella is seductive and tantalizing, but her accoutrements and mannerisms can be unsettling. Isabella is generally friendly and alluring, but acts ferociously if the need arises.

Motivation: She holds to her duty, seeking to bridge the worlds of the living and dead.

Background: Isabella was raised in the tradition of her village’s Bonespeakers, communicating with the dead and using magic to manipulate corpses. During the ancestor’s festival, Isabella raises her arms and calls forth the spirits of the ancestors, who flood into the bodies of those attending and walk amongst the living once more. Isabella’s magic cannot be denied, and she is sought out by many wishing speak with the dead.

When her village was besieged, she called upon the ancestors to raise their bones from the graves and defend them. While her necromancy is not a dark and vile thing to her village, it is unsettling to outsiders. It is not enough to overwhelm the appeal of her voluptuous body and seductive charms, and she has constant suitors; some she takes to bed when they intrigue her. She often unsettles people because of her sometimes uncouth mannerisms and lack of remorse, a side effect of her connection to the realm of the dead.

Isabella Bonespeaker

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