Jasper Oscamedes

Professor of Abjuration and Diviniation at Granmalkin Academy


Jasper is in his middle years, still handsome and fit, with a professorial air. His clothes all come in muted tones, and might even be called stodgy.

“There’re just some magical powers that shouldn’t be meddled with—ever!”


Jasper will do his best to answer nearly all inquiries about magic, but his advice always comes with a finger-waggling warning. In nearly every aspect of his life, he’s known for his restraint. Beneath this measured consideration lies a deep well of remorse. For Jasper, the arcane arts are mainly a theoretical pursuit — Granmalkin Academy, a sanctuary. Whenever he is outside the halls of learning, when he’s forced to cope with real life confrontations and decisions, he experiences discomfort, even panic. He clearly expresses disdain for any frivolous application of magic, and he demonstrates his own magical aptitude with great reluctance. In truth, he is afraid—paralyzed, even—of making a mistake while casting spells.

Motivation: He wants his students to develop a healthy respect for magic.

Background: Jasper was a gifted wizard. In many ways, he remains so. As a young man, he went on many great adventures and had a reputation for using his magic in a cavalier fashion. Then the careless use of magic caused irreparable harm to a companion. Even though the victim forgave him, the experience and guilt caused him to retreat into a scholarly shell.

Jasper Oscamedes

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