Valgard Conlan

Commander of the Vaasan Gate


Valgard is a practical, pragmatic man who definitely lacks imagination. He does not respond well to real stress or surprises. At 63, the Commander is beginning to show his years, his once thick black hair, now graying and thinning. The lines around his grey eyes are very marked.


Valgard won a reputation for intelligence during the war, covering the western banks of the Beaumaris and reinforcing Damara’s troops to the north. Valgard wants to see as much extra money put into reinforcing the Vaasan Gate as into Damara. Gareth does not agree with this point.

He is particularly worried over his succession, since his second in command, William, is a feckless young man of 25 who would rather be the knight in shining armor riding out to defeat the enemy than the careful guardian, protecting Damara from the many evils of Vaasa.

Valgard also worries over William’s counterpart, Ser Gregan, a holdout from the days before the War with the Witch King. While none in can speak poorly of Gregan, he rubs Valard the wrong way. Gregan’s in-depth study and appreciation of Zhengyi’s tactics and successes doesn’t do anything to calm Valgard’s concerns. Gregan seems to feed into William’s hot-headedness, provoking the young man into rash decisions that often end poorly.

Valgard Conlan

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