Crafting a Mundane Item

A character who has the time, the money, and the needed tools can use downtime to craft armor, weapons, clothing, or other kinds of nonmagical gear.


Players may only craft items if they have the appropriate Secondary Skill (Tool Proficiency) and a set of tools or location to craft the item. (A Tailor needs only a Tailor Kit, cloth and time, a smith needs a smithy.)


A character with the appropriate skill and tools may craft an item. The character needs raw materials equal to one-half the items base value or selling cost.

Crafting Time – Applies to both Magical and Mundane Items

The time needed to craft an item is dependent on the base value or selling cost of the item, magical or mundane. More expensive items may not necessarily take more time to craft, but may require more expensive materials.

When crafting an item which has a value of less than 250 gp, progress is made in 25 gp increments per day.

When crafting an item which has a base price between 250 gp and 1,000 gp, progress is made in 50 gp increments per day.

When crafting an item which has a base price between 1,001 gp and 5,000 gp, progress is made in 100 gp increments per day.

When crafting anything with a base price between 5,001 gp and 50,000 gp, progress is made in 250 gp increments per day.

When crafting any item with a base price over 50,000 gp, progress is made in 500 gp increments a day.

Multiple characters can combine their efforts. Divide the time needed to create an item by the number of characters working on it. Use your judgment when determining how many characters can collaborate on an item. A particularly tiny item, like a ring, might allow only one or two workers, whereas a large, complex item might allow four or more workers.

A character needs to be proficient with the tools needed to craft an item and have access to the appropriate equipment. Everyone who collaborates needs to have the appropriate tool proficiency.


If all the above requirements are met, the result of the process is an item of the desired sort. A character can sell an item crafted in this way at its listed price.

Refitting Armor

Occasionally, characters find a suit of armor that doesn’t fit. Plate Mail (Full Plate Armor) is always created for a particular individual and almost always needs to be refitted. The cost to refit armor of the same size (medium to medium) is 10% of the base price. The cost to refit a piece of armor one size difference is 20% of the base price of the armor. Armor cannot be refitted by more than one size category, except by magic.

Repairing Items

The cost to repair a mundane item is one half the cost of creating the item. Use the reduced cost when determining how long it takes to repair the item. Magic Items may only be repaired by a crafter with the appropriate spells or reagents.

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Crafting a Mundane Item

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