The shouts and bustle of countless traders, fishermen, and foreign travelers stir the choppy waters of Merchant’s Cove through all hours of the day and night. Along the lakeside district of Lakestone, storefronts and cramped businesses cater to the typically rough fishermen, while exotic inns and taverns serve as familiar welcomes to visitors from afar. First and foremost a trade city, Bloodstone City owes its prosperity to the countless merchants who readily move the Bloodstone mined in the Duchy out and bring all manner of trade goods and luxury items in. Enforcing no taxes on exports or imports, the city welcomes business from all lands and makes the bounty of the mines available for trade. As a result, several of the most prestigious trading coasters, mercantile families, and shipping concerns do regular business in the city, with some having even established offices and private local shipyards.

Lakestone’s most incredible feature is the sprawling Bloodstone Free Market, yet the district itself is more than merely one enormous market. The lakefront is a constantly bustling scene of activity as fishermen and trading barges vie for dock space, and even the neighborhoods farthest from the shore are noisy and raucous. The large number of fishing eagle nests are the source of the area’s less common name, “Eagle’s Quarter.” The streets here are cobblestone, and buildings are an equal mix of stone and wood. Streets are patrolled regularly, yet the high volume of traffic make it difficult for the guards to always keep the peace.


Population 1,310 permanent, 760 itinerant


L1. Impound Yard (piers used to temporarily dock impounded ships)

L2. Dweomerstone (Temple of Mystra)
L3. The Blessed Coin (Temple of Waukeen)
L4. Librarium of Denier (Library and Temple of Deneir)

L5. Merchants’ Guildhall (fortress-like stone building that houses Bloodstone’s most powerful guild)
L6. Fellowship of Bartenders and Innkeepers (tavern keepers’ and innkeepers’ guild)
L7. Bakers’ Guild (pastry and bread maker’s union)
L8. Brewers’ Guild (small but powerful association of ale, beer, lambic, and other brewers)
L9. Cobblers’ Guild (union of cobblers; rumored to be under Sczarni control)
L10. Tailors’ Guild (humble wooden structure that supports tailors)
L11. Merchant’s Cove (Bloodstone’s alternate harbor)
L12. Four Brothers warehouse and offices (successful merchant company)
L13. Warehouse Square

L14. Bloodstone Free Market
L15. Carent’s Camp (Vaasan campsite)
L16. Hook and Hammer (successful trading concern run by three dwarven brothers)
L17. Bronze House (Merchant Consortium regional headquarters)
L26. Veldar’s Metalworks (Laethwym Veldar elven smith)
L27. Voor’s Smithy (Felgin Voor human smith)

L18. King’s Arms Inn and Tavern
L19. Captain’s Club (high-class but affordable tavern; caters exclusively to ship captains)
L20. Basilisk’s Eye (no-nonsense tavern surrounded by warehouses; caters primarily to dockside laborers)
L21. No-Horn (low-end and unpleasant Lakestone tavern)
L22. The Old Fang (popular waterfront tavern and inn)
L23. The Shucked Oyster (scandalous and popular brothel)

L24. The Fifth Wind (towering stone weather vane)
L25. Eyes of the Hawk (monument dedicated to the heroism of King Dragonsbane and his band of adventurers)

Bloodstone City
Duchy of Bloodstone

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